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A19 Fulford Road Corridor Update

09/12/2008 - A19 Fulford Road Corridor Update

Advice of the Advisory Panel


That the Advisory Panel advise the Executive Member for City Strategy that:


(i)                 The contents of this report and its annexes are noted; 1.


(ii)        The revised proposals for the section of corridor between Cemetery Road and Hospital Fields Road, as outlined in paragraph 16 and shown on Annexes A1 and A2, are agreed; 2.


(iii)             Agree to implement the refuge island crossing without additional waiting restrictions. If indiscriminate parking is observed in the vicinity of the island, which obstructs the flow of traffic and/or affects safety, then Officers should report through an Officer in Consultation meeting to obtain approval to implement appropriate restrictions;

   (iv)  That the limited time parking of 60 minutes maximum, proposed on the inbound (west) side of Fulford Road on the section north of  Wenlock Terrace,  be amended to only operate between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm on Monday to Saturday.


(v)  The proposed extensions of the 30 mph zone and the associated gateway treatments and improvement measures at Naburn, as outlined in paragraphs 57 and 58 and shown on Annexes C1 and C2, are agreed and that Officers report to a future meeting on the options available for improving pedestrian facilities at the Howden Dike crossing;

(iv)              That, subject to consultation with local residents, an inbound bus lane on Selby Road heading north from the A64 interchange for approximately 200m should be provided ahead of other improvements to this section of the corridor;

(vi)         That further investigation of other proposals south of Germany Beck, as listed in paragraph 44, be deferred until potential funding to implement those improvements can be identified;

(vii)        That any proposed bus lanes should be 24 hour operation similar to other existing bus lanes in York.


Decision of the Executive Member for City Strategy


RESOLVED:That the advice of the Advisory Panel be accepted and endorsed.


REASON:    (i)     For background information and for assisting in the decision making process;

            (ii)            To improve conditions along this section of the corridor;


(iii)             To help pedestrians cross to and from nearby bus stops;

(iv)              To help control vehicle speeds and to improve safety;

(v)                To benefit existing bus services, including school  services, using this section of Selby Road;

(vi) To enable resources to be redeployed on those projects where funding has been determined;

(vii) To ensure that bus lanes are available for use by buses at all times and for uniformity throughout the city.






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