Committee details

Equality Advisory Group

Purpose of committee

The Equality Advisory Group (EAG) is one of the Council’s key advisory groups focussing on advising the Cabinet on the Single Equality Strategy and dealing with key strategic Community Impact Assessments (CIAs - formerly known as EIAs).

EAG has representation from each of the communities of identity with the Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism attending as an observer to receive advice.

Their meetings are held in a workshop style format and are attended by invited representatives.


For current information about EAG, to view their new web page and to request copies of Minutes of meetings held since 30 July 2012, please use the link below:



  • Representative    York Older People's Assembly
  • Representative    York Racial Equality Network
  • Representative    York City of Sanctuary/City of Faiths
  • Representative    York Access Group
  • Representative    York Access Group
  • Representative    Higher York
  • Representative    York People First
  • Representative    York Blind and Partially Sighted Society
  • Representative    York and District LGBT Forum
  • Representative    RADAR
  • Representative    Health - York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • York Independent Living Network   


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