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Virtual School Annual Report 2022/2023 (7:09pm)

This report introduces the Virtual School Annual Report 2022/2023.


The Head of Service – Virtual School and Inclusion Services presented the report.


In response to questions from members, it was confirmed that:


·            Statistically York had fewer suspensions comparatively to national figures, however there was a national increase in suspensions.

·            When pupils could not access a full curriculum, primary and secondary schools worked with the Virtual School to offer a blended curriculum.

·            Funding from the Department for Education (DfE) for the Virtual School was allocated for pupils from 4-15 years of age and pupils could opt-in or out of post-16 education.

·            Every school suspension was scrutinised by the Virtual School, and they worked with schools to reduce the number of suspensions issued.

·            In regard to KS4 progress, the Virtual School was piloting a scheme in schools to investigate if further interventions and support was needed.

Resolved: That the Virtual School Annual report be received with a further update in the next academic year.


Reason: To keep members updated on the work of the Virtual School for children in care.


Supporting documents:


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