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Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change Plans for carbon neutral / carbon zero at York Central [18:28]

The Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change will be in attendance to present her plans for carbon neutral / carbon zero at York Central. Attached for information is the Executive Member’s letter to the Chair outlining her view on York Central net zero ambitions, presented to the Committee at their last meeting on 26 April 2022.


The Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change, Director for Housing, Economy and Regeneration and Head of Carbon Reduction were in attendance to give a presentation on York Central Carbon Reduction Principles. The presentation details York’s city wide emissions, the York Climate Change Strategy, energy and carbon reduction, building solutions and transport solutions.


Following the presentation, the Executive Member, Director for Housing, Economy and Regeneration and Head of Carbon Reduction were asked and explained that:

·        All construction across the UK needed to be net zero.

·        The council had statutory functions but owned little of the York Central site, and it was working with its partners (Homes England and Network Rail) to promote its ambitions. Homes England and Network Rail were out to appoint a developer and the council had done an initial design for work on the residential homes on the site, which would be a passivhaus standards. It would also be working with partners on the first phase of the commercial on site to meet BREAMM excellent. There was investment heavily on electricity on the site and there was a need to look at the heating strategy for the site as the heating solutions would change as technology developed. It was noted that Homes England and Network Rail were in support of this as was the National Railway Museum. The council could not make an assessment regarding net zero as it didn’t own all of the site.

·        Regarding the council being responsible for 4% of emissions in the city, the reduction in emissions was included in the climate strategy and the council would work to influence business developers and transport. Regarding other large organisations, the NHS was doing work on the hospital and Nestle were doing work on reducing logistics miles.

·        The council had wider influence as the Planning Authority and Highways Authority for York Central. The establishment of the Climate Commission was noted. The commission included York University, Nestle, the hospital and York Minster in taking positive action to reduce emissions.

·        Regarding the economics of water source heat pumps, energy prices had changed and it would be interesting to look at the impact of this. There was an underground water source on the York Central site that needed further investigation.

·        District heat pump network viability depended on cashflow and capital. The business case needed a mechanism for claiming back up front capital.

·        Non-residential buildings would be BREAMM excellent. There would be different methodologies for residential and non-residential buildings.

·        Concerning managing the carbon impact now, archaeological and demolition surveys were currently being undertaken. As much demotion material as possible would be retained on site.

·        A fundamental principle was not to encourage traffic through the site and encourage the use of public transport, walking and cycling first. Paking was limited and there was a one way through the site.

·        The Executive Member did not have information on the building of the arterial road or the specific details of the NRM planning application.

·        The NRM stated need was not part of the planning application for the NRM.

·        It was clarified that Leeman Road would be diverted.

·        Parking at the NRM and multi storey car park would come forward as part of a reserved matters planning application.

·        Regeneration of a brownfield site could not all be done at once and it was for the Planning Committee to determine reserved maters applications coming forward.

·        There were new active travel opportunities through the site. Reference was made to the NRM Central Hall Sustainability Statement.

·        Meeting with key York Central developers was considered by the strategic committee

·        The council housing delivery programme on York Central costs were rising and these costs would need to be considered.


Resolved: That the Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change Plans for carbon neutral / carbon zero at York Central be noted.


Reason:     To be kept up to date on the plans for carbon neutral / carbon zero at York Central be noted.


[The meeting adjourned from 19:20 to 19:27]


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