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Formal Business of Council - Allocation to Seats and Appointments to the Council Structure and Other Bodies for 2022/23

To receive a report which asks Council to:


A.  Agree the allocation of seats in accordance with Annex A;


B.  Approve appropriate nominations to Committees and other bodies, as well as appointments to Chairs and Vice-Chairs, as set out in this report and its annexes, together with details of any further appointments which may be circulated prior to the meeting; and


C.  Note the proposed allocation of motions for consideration at Ordinary Full Council meetings for the duration of the 2022/23 Municipal Year, as approved by Council in 2019.



Cllr Aspden moved, and Cllr D’Agorne seconded, the recommendations in respect of allocations to seats and appointments set out in paragraph 29 of the report of the Director of Governance at pages 1-7 of the agenda papers, with reference to the annexes to that report, the revised annexes in the Agenda Supplement and the revisions circulated at the meeting (Agenda Supplement 2).


Cllr Crawshaw and Cllr Douglas then addressed the meeting and, in consequence of their comments, a separate vote was taken in respect of the recommended appointments to each of the following committees:


Planning Committee A

Planning Committee B

Customer & Corporate Services Scrutiny Management Committee

Audit & Governance Committee


On being put to the vote, the recommended appointments to the above committees were declared CARRIED in each case.


The remaining recommendations were then put to the vote and declared CARRIED and it was


Resolved:  (i)      That the allocation of seats be agreed in accordance with Annex A to the report.


                   (ii)      That the nominations to committees and other bodies, as well as the nominations to Chairs and Vice-Chairs, be agreed as set out in the report and its annexes and in the supplementary papers.


                   (iii)     That the proposed allocation of motions for consideration at Ordinary Full Council meetings for the period 2021-2023, as approved by Annual Council in 2019, be noted.


                   (iv)That, in respect of the changes to the Executive portfolios notified to the Monitoring Officer by the Leader of the Council in Annex B1(a), the Monitoring Officer will update the Council’s Constitution accordingly.


Reason:     To fulfil the Council’s statutory and constitutional requirements.







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