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Report of Executive Leader, Questions, and Executive Recommendations

To receive and consider a written report from the Leader and ask questions on the work of the Executive, and to consider the Executive recommendations for approval, as set out below:










17 March 2022



Minute 108: Housing Delivery Programme Update - Delivering Affordable Housing on Council Land


Minute 109: Adoption of Minerals and Waste Joint Plan





A – Executive Leader’s Report


A written report was received from the Executive Leader, Cllr Aspden, on the work of the Executive.


Members were then invited to question the Leader on his report.  Questions were received from the floor from the following Members in relation to the subjects listed, and replied to as indicated:



From Cllr Crawshaw: Given that we are technically a hung Council, how will you engage with the different political groups on devolution so that we are not left with a ‘take it or leave it’ deal?

Response: We are currently at the pre-consultation stage and will engage once we know what the formal government process will be.  I would welcome discussions about attending Scrutiny meetings.  There will be several stages of engagement before we reach the series of final steps that will include discussions at Full Council, and cross-party conversations will need to take place.

[Supplementary: Can you guarantee that Group Leaders, at least, will be engaged at every point?]

Response: I am happy to agree to that and welcome as much engagement and consultation as possible.  There is much work to do, and it will be a challenge to meet government deadlines.


Great British Railways

From Cllr D Taylor: Can you give more insight into York’s bid for GBR and how you are communicating the city’s strengths to the decision-makers?

Response: The bid has been submitted to government; I am aware we need to go beyond this and have worked with partners to ensure the right messages are given to get York onto the shortlist.  Once on the list we will communicate in a different way.  It’s about working with the whole city to get our message across I don’t yet know how the public vote will be dealt with or whether it will be binding.  Network Rail have confirmed that York will remain one of its regional headquarters.

[Supplementary from Cllr Douglas: What plans are there for a unified approach to the bid within the Council?]

Response: I agree this is important and am glad to see York and North Yorkshire MPs getting together to give cross-party support to the bid.  Our North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire partners have been invited to an upcoming event for the announcement of the shortlist so that we can all work together on this.


Purple Flag

From Cllr Hunter: Can you give an update and more detail on what the Purple Flag scheme means for the city?

Response: It’s very important to the city due to the way it brings about partnership working between the council, police, businesses and residents, particularly in relation to the city centre where residents want improvements.  We are working to highlight issues and come up with an action plan to ensure that progress is made.


B – Executive Recommendations


Cllr Aspden moved, and Cllr D’Agorne seconded, the following recommendations contained in Minutes 108 and 109 of the Executive meeting held on 17 March 2022:


Minute 108 - Housing Delivery Programme Update – Delivering Affordable Housing on Council Land


“Recommended: (i)      That Council approve a budget increase of £2,614k for the scheme at Burnholme and £2,148k for the scheme at Duncombe Barracks. 1


                             (ii)      That Council approve increase HRA borrowing of £2,570k for the scheme at Burnholme and £832k for the scheme at Duncombe Barracks. 1


Reason:     In order to enhance the delivery of affordable housing in the city.”


Minute 109 – Adoption of Minerals and Waste Joint Plan


“Recommended: (i)      That Council adopt the Minerals & Waste Joint Plan at Annex 1 to the Executive report, incorporating the Inspector’s Modifications at Annex 3. 2


(ii)      That Council adopt the accompanying Policies Map.” 2


Reason:     To allow the Plan to progress to adoption.”


On being put to the vote, both sets of recommendations were declared CARRIED and it was


Resolved:  That the above recommendations be approved.


Supporting documents:


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