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Public Participation

At this point in the meeting members of the public who have registered to speak can do so. Members of the public may speak on agenda items or on matters within the remit of the committee.


Please note that our registration deadlines have changed to 2 working days before the meeting, in order to facilitate the management of public participation at our meetings.  The deadline for registering at this meeting is 5:00pm on Tuesday, 11 January 2022. 


To register to speak please visit to fill in an online registration form.  If you have any questions about the registration form or the meeting, please contact Democratic Services.  Contact details can be found at the foot of this agenda.


Webcasting of Remote Public Meetings


Please note that, subject to available resources, this remote public meeting will be webcast including any registered public speakers who have given their permission. The remote public meeting can be viewed live and on demand at


During coronavirus, we've made some changes to how we're running council meetings. See our coronavirus updates ( for more information on meetings and decisions.



It was reported that 10 people were registered to speak at the meeting under the Council’s Public Participation Scheme.


Alexandra Howell spoke on Agenda Item 8 (City Centre Access – Security Measures), asking what the council was doing to ensure that city centre residents could continue to access their own properties once the measures were in place.


Flick Williams spoke on Item 8, stating that the decision to prevent Blue Badge access to the city centre was a political one and that the anti-terror measures were inconsistent and incoherent.


Anne Norton spoke on Item 8 on behalf of York Disability Rights Forum, expressing concern that staff at city centre barriers had refused access to a wheelchair user and that the Equalities Impact Assessment attached to the report was incomplete.


Jane Burton spoke on Item 8 on behalf of York Accessibility Action, urging Members to reverse their decision in respect of Blue Badge holders in York as other cities, such as Bath, had done.


Tracy Ostle spoke on Item 9 (The Groves – The Future of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood Trial), highlighting the problems caused by blocking off Amber Street/Earle Street, including pollution, damage and prevention of access by emergency services.


Angela Reynard-Pearce spoke on Item 12 (Future Libraries Investment Programme), stressing the importance of retaining the hedge at Fairway on the former CWJS site in order to reduce CO2 emissions and pollution.


Anne Leonard spoke on Item 12, suggesting that part of the CWJS site be developed as housing for elderly people who could access the library as a social hub, with an area retained for wildlife and trees.


Andy Dearden spoke on Item 12, stating that the proposals to protect the environment on the CWJS site were too weak and urging the council to engage with local residents on the site layout.


Sarah Garbacz spoke on Item 12 as the COO of York Explore, welcoming the significant investment in libraries, which would allow Explore to deliver their vision within communities, and noting that 90% of consultees supported the Programme.


Anne Stamp spoke on Item 12 as Service Manager for SNAPPY, expressing her delight that SNAPPY would be a co-location partner at Clifton Library and what this would offer the children they supported.


*Written representations had been received from the following and circulated to Members before the meeting:

·        Steve Westwood on Item 8, suggesting alternative traffic measures in the city centre;

·        York Cycle Campaign on Item 8, suggesting opportunities for additional cycle parking;

·        Diane Roworth on Item 8, on behalf of York Sight Loss Council and Reverse the Ban;

·        Cllr Fitzgerald, on Item 9, commenting as a Ward Member for Guildhall;

·        Andy Dearden and other local residents on Item12, supplementing the comments made at the meeting.


*Note: At the request of the Chair, the written representations have on this occasion been published online as a supplement to the meeting agenda.

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