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Update from the York Health and Care Alliance

This report is to provide an update on the progress of the York Health and Care Alliance.



Board members received an update on the York Health and Care Alliance and upcoming NHS reforms. The Joint Consultant in Public Health, NHS Vale of York CCG and City of York Council was in attendance to present the report and respond to questions.


Key points raised during the presentation of the report included:

·        The Alliance had received a draft constitution for the Integrated Care Board along with additional information on the structure of the Humber, Coast and Vale Integrated Care System (ICS).

·        The ICS was to be composed of 6 ‘places’, of which one is the City of York. There were to be 4 sector-based provider collaboratives based around mental health, community health, primary care and learning disabilities & autism.

·        The Integrated Care Board was to run day-to-day operations, while the Integrated Care Partnership was due to have wider membership and set the strategic direction of the ICS.

·        Updates had also been received on recruitment and membership of the Integrated Care Board, including the appointment of a Chair, which was detailed in the report.

·        The appointment of a Chief Executive had not yet been announced and other appointments would be more place-based, to replace local Clinical Commissioning Groups.

·        The Health and Wellbeing Board was to retain its role as setting the local strategic direction of the whole health system. Thus, the Integrated Care Partnership was to include each Health and Wellbeing Board Chair from the areas it covers and the Integrated Care Board was to be required to submit plans to local Health and Wellbeing Boards.

·        The Alliance had continued to build its capacity and determine its functions and work programme.


Board members commented:

·        The Chair and Director of Public Health had sent preliminary comments in response to the report and were preparing a further response due for release on 26 November.

·        The Director of Public Health noted the short timescales given for comment on the documents. Therefore, while City of York Council had submitted comments, it had not been able to share these with all partners. It was suggested that both responses were shared with Board members.

·        City of York Council felt there was insufficient local authority representation on the proposed ICS Board – this view was shared by all other local authorities in Humber, Coast and Vale. Discussions with the ICS were ongoing and it was possible that there would be changes to the draft constitution. It was suggested that a draft Health and Wellbeing Board response be created and circulated to members for approval.

·        The Director of Public Health reminded members of the previous resolution to review the Health and Wellbeing Board’s terms of reference, however she suggested that the Board await further information, such as the appointment of a ICS Chief Executive and the completion of the consultation of the constitution, before progressing with the review.

·        At present there was due to be one member on the ICS Board to represent all 6 local authorities, discussions with the ICS had not yet resulted in an agreement on how this might be changed. The view of City of York Council was that all 6 authorities ought to be individually represented on the ICS Board. It was noted that the West Yorkshire ICS had adopted this model.

·        It had not yet been determined who the representative of City of York Council on the ICS Board might be.

·        Concerns were raised about the large and diverse nature of the geographical area the ICS was to cover.





i.                 That the update on the NHS reforms and the York Health and Care Alliance be noted.


Reason: To enable the HWBB to remain informed on NHS reforms.


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