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Ward Partner Funding Updates


Ward partner funding updates


·        Paula Stainton – YCFC – Ward funding has been used to provide City Kickabout in the park for children aged 4-13 years, within the ward and across the city. Aims to promote use of your park, use of green spaces across York.  Funding has been used to provide a waterproof bag and snack, tackling issues such as litter, physical activity, social inclusion, food poverty.  Covers 8 parks every week.  Started 3.5 weeks ago, promoted by banners, QR code, social media.  Within the ward 175 spaces have been booked – must be booked due to Covid – out of 300 available.  Bookings can be taken on the day at the park. Cllr Fitzpatrick requested a breakdown for the ward.  Paula confirmed that this would be provided.


·        Scott Jobson – My Sight York – their service was needed immediately by members when Covid hit, and funding was also required immediately.  The project enabled blind or partially-sighted clients to be paired with a regular volunteer caller. They were able to discuss and provide support with a range of difficulties such as leaving the house, shopping, cooking, and banking.  116 regular calls were made, 2360 total calls, by 45 volunteers, Clients said ‘it’s been a lifeline’ and a vital service.  They also provided a delivery service using volunteers to deliver specialist equipment - 490 pieces - allowing people to live independently.  They are very grateful for the speed of response by council, it was nothing short of lifesaving. Will send an impact report.


·        Matt Harper-Hardcastle – Next Door But One – thanks for having him.  This is a theatre company who have developed an audio walk exploring women’s safety, entitled ‘She was walking home’. This is a women’s project with an all-female staff.  Phase one completed, surveyed 30 women - 16 of those from guildhall aged 20-mid 50’s from mixed backgrounds, socio-economic groups and those with disabilities. Walk Safe app connected with the audio tour.  It’s a call to arms to keep women safe in the city centre. Feedback on the project is very positive with many thanking them and appreciating the funding from council. Podcast is phase 3, QR codes/posters linked to the audio tour and Walk Safe app.  They will feedback on the impact for the ward.



·        Beryl Riley – The Hut – Thanks for the funding to support the project.  Registered charity providing short and long term support mental and or disabilities.  Open door policy, do not need to be referred.  Opened the Hubble, in a renovated toilet block to have more sessions as Covid has reduced numbers that can be accommodated in the Hut.  Creative support for the programme to improve communication and capabilities of members – Council funding has provided more activity packs with more appealing stock. They are selling more packs due to the improvements leading to more profit.  An IPad has also been purchased this has improved training opportunities and they have been able to contact more people directly.  Arts & Crafts project – ‘Hutmake’ making soap, candles etc. to sell to improve income for the Hut. The funding for Publicity purchased Facebook credits to improve marketing and raise awareness of the project. A portable projection screen & trolley was also purchased for training purposes.

They want to build community relations and improve Mental health in the community in the future and thank everyone for the grant.  They plan an open day in September.  Location is opposite York District Council, Wiggington Rd, the old bowling green hut on a 99 year lease from the council.  Hubble is the toilet block recently raised £106,000 opened 5th July.

Beryl was asked: How many residents benefit?  200 members, 100 regularly.  Do they come from Guildhall?  Beryl will find out. Hope to hold coffee mornings & open days to invite community along. They will include the information on the Ward Grant Monitoring Report.


·        Michael Reakes – River Foss Society – in 2020 they replaced 2 benches & willow trees, interpretive sign, near King Georges field.  Two more applications in for another interpretive sign explaining the industrial heritage, which is awaiting planning, plus a proposal for a picnic bench on Monkbridge Landing.


·        Penny Bainbridge – FOGGEY and Edible York – Friends of Guildhall ward gardens and Edible York, Feb 2020 event – Red Tower area with fruit trees and bushes, residents wanted to improve the trees, learn how to prune & look after them, talked to local residents.  Very wet day, but the fruit trees must be pruned in winter. The volunteers persevered, bought hand tools for residents in a store, simple guides to pruning, general tidy up, weeding etc.  Different contributors.  Focus on small scale projects that make an improvement.


·        Ellie Tillotson – Toolbox Drama – absent.



Cllr Craghill explained that if anyone has ideas for projects, Shiona Marsh can support applications, budget available, open spaces budget available.

Michael Reakes – Foss Fairy trail – flat area, might benefit from seating.

Gwen Swinburn – Schemes all sounded marvellous.  Suggested posters inviting people to submit projects, she has seen them in other wards, a good idea? She has identified Section 106 fund money available.  Clarence gardens funding not being used, possible adult gym? 

Cllr Looker – reminded that section 106 fund is ring-fenced, Cllr Craghill would like to make use of the funding if possible, Cllr Fitzpatrick thanked Gwen for her very helpful suggestions and contribution.



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