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Better Care Fund Update

This report is to provide an update on:

·        the national reporting process for the 2020-21 BCF Plan,

·        progress of the Better Care Fund Review,

·        the national small grants scheme, and

·        the planning arrangements for 2021-22.



The Board received a report which provided an update on the national reporting process for the 2020-21 Better Care Fund Plan, the progress of the Better Care Fund Review, the national small grants scheme and the planning arrangements from 2021-22.


Key points arising from the update included:

·         An explanation of the 4 key elements to the report: the national reporting process 2020-21, the work to review the BCF, the successful national small grants scheme bid and planning arrangements for the current financial year.

·         That the national small grants scheme bid was successful in acquiring £15,000 of funding for a pilot of an innovative model of care with Care Rooms Ltd which will give support to those leaving hospital. The collaborative network around the pilot was emphasised, which includes representatives of the Independent Care Group.

·         That the BCF aims to create a person centred integrated care system where health, social care, housing and other services work together seamlessly to provide better services for York residents.

·         That the total value of the BCF in 20/21 was £19.233 million, and that it was entering the second consecutive year of financial rollover due to a lack of national planning and policy requirements.

·         That the BCF has completed the first three phases of the review, which has looked at all of its schemes not only to calculate value for money, but the social value and social return on investment, as well as individual outcomes, prevention and population health improvement, which the BCF sees as currencies in their own right.

·         That longer term strategic recommendations will be presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board’s meeting in July.

·         That focus of the BCF was on clarifying business processes and improving communication between commissioners and scheme providers; the Fund seeks to join up arrangements between the City of York Council and the Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group.

·         A discussion of the work of the York Integrated Care Team, which is fully funded by the BCF and is involved in many areas of its competence.


In response to questions and comments from Board members, it was noted that:

·         The primary care sector thanked the BCF and particularly the York Integrated Care Team’s care plans, which have reduced visiting levels of GPs as well as hospital admissions significantly through its proactive reaching out to members of the community in need.

·         The universal reach of the Integrated Care Team, which will provide aid to any member of the community without imposed boundaries was praised.

·         Members thanked the BCF for their work in bringing different areas of health and social care and other sectors together, fostering collaboration and innovation while allowing funding to spread across institutions.


The Chair thanked the BCF and the York Integrated Care Team for their work and report, and Board members for their contribution to the discussion.




(i)            That the York Better Care Fund update be received by the Board.


Reason: The HWBB is the accountable body for the Better Care Fund.


(ii)          That authority is delegated to the Chair to sign off on the End of Year Expenditure template prior to submission.


Reason: The submission date of 24 May falls between meetings of the Board. This convention has been adopted routinely for previous submissions to NHSE.


(iii)         That the progress of the review of the financial allocations for BCF 2021-22 to ensure maximum impact on outcomes for the system be noted.


Reason: It is important for the sustainability and stability of the whole system than the funding commitment is reviewed regularly to be assured of value for money and impact on outcomes. The Chair and Vice Chair have approved this approach, supported by CYC’s Corporate Director of People and the CCG Accountable Officer.


(iv)         That the Board will receive further reports on the progress and outcomes from the BCF review at future meetings.


Reason: The HWBB is the accountable body for the Better Care Fund.


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