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City of York Council Approach to the Corporate Parenting Board

An initial report was presented to the Corporate Parenting Board in January 2021 which recommended broadening the contribution made to the Corporate Parenting Board by children and young people in care and partner agencies and also some changes to the membership of the Board.


The purpose of this report is to build on the January report and make proposals for how the Corporate Parenting Board could be delivered.


The Board considered a report that detailed a revised approach to the Corporate Parenting Board (CPB).


The Group Manager Achieved Permanence, the Director of Governance & Monitoring Officer, the Corporate Director of People, the Children’s Rights Manager and the Assistant Director of Children’s Services were in attendance to present the report and answer any questions.


The Group Manager outlined the report noting that:

·        Information was obtained from other local authorities on how they ran their Corporate Parenting Boards and also discussions with young people, senior leaders including the Director of Governance & Monitoring Officer and two elected members who sat on the CPB had taken place.

·        Children and young people in care and care leavers had confirmed that they would like stronger links between the CPB and young people/groups and additional representation from different agencies/services. They would also like a less formal, more relaxed and interactive Board that better engaged young people.


The Group Manager explained the proposed changes, as highlighted within the report, stating that:

·        The proposed membership of the Board would consist of up to 3 representatives from Show Me That I Matter (SMTIM) and I Still Matter (ISM), a maximum of 4 elected Members drawn from the Executive Member for Children, Young People and Education and elected Members on the SMTIM Panel.

·        The Board would have the power to co-opt non-voting Members to advise.

·        The Board would be Co-Chaired by a representative of SMTIM, ISM and an Elected Member.

·        Meetings would be delivered under a new format and be divided into 2 parts.

·        An annual report would be presented at a meeting of Full Council.


The Director of Governance & Monitoring Officer and the Corporate Director of People explained the governance approach and highlighted examples of good practice, noting York’s current corporate parenting Guarantee to children and young people in care.  


Members discussed the proposed changes and raised some concerns around the annual report and the reduction and balance of elected membership in the context of the Board’s decision making and challenge. Officers highlighted different models of delivery, including various functions, roles and responsibilities that could be included to ensure an effective and creative CPB that would be open to challenge and include the voices of young people. 


Following further discussions regarding the most effective future for the Corporate Parenting Board, the Board noted that all elected Members had corporate parenting responsibilities and that further awareness and knowledge among some Members was required.


Officers answered questions raised and confirmed that the Boards revised Terms of Reference (TOR) would be included in the Council’s revised Constitution. The Director of Governance & Monitoring Officer confirmed she would revise the TOR to incorporate the Boards comments and she also suggested that the TOR be frequently reviewed to ensure it was fit for purpose.


The Board welcomed the new approach and thanked officers for all the work undertaken. 


Resolved: That the suggested new direction of the Board be agreed and that the revised Terms of Reference be circulated around the Board for agreement before incorporating into the draft revised Constitution.  


Reason: To update and revise the approach taken by the Board.

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