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York Climate Commission

The committee will receive a report from the Head of Carbon Reduction on the creation of the York Climate Commission.


Members were joined by the Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change for the item. Officers introduced the report setting out the rational for the creation of the York Climate Commission. The Executive Member noted the importance of Commission to bring together stakeholders across the city to advise the Council and promote positive change in helping York reach its Climate Change objectives.


The Committee discussed the proposed commission and expressed concerns regarding the lack of proposed members from a range of sectors across the city. The Executive Member noted that recommendations for who could be invited to join the commission were made from across the Council, and that while some of those approached had turned down the opportunity to join the commission, she noted that there would be an opportunity for new members to join or be part of working groups. It was agreed that it was important that members on the commission came with strong expertise to share and a desire to actively engage in the commission’s work.


The Committee discussed how the terms of reference could be amended, to ensure key stakeholders could be added to the commission, as well as, engage York’s wider public. The Committee also discussed whether there would be a benefit to involving cross party representation on the commission, as voting or non-voting members. Members of the Committee requested if it would be possible to provide a list of all stakeholders that were approached about joining the commission and how the council undertook the work of making invitations.


The role of the Executive Member for Environment and Climate change was discussed in both the setting up of the proposed membership of the commission and there role as the first chair of the commission. The Committee agreed to recommend that the terms of reference state that a new chair be elected within 12 months of the commissions formation. The Committee also noted that the terms of reference could be clearer in setting out how new stakeholders could join and how chairs of the commission would be selected in future years. 


Members also suggested that this Committee should receive more updates from the commission from what was currently recommended. The importance of ensuring that the commission does not duplicate the work of the Committee was highlighted, as well as, concern that the commission could overlap work with One Planet York, an organisation the Council had a role in setting up, but was currently struggling financially to continue its work in the city.




                   i.        That this Committee receive regular updates or minutes from the meeting of the York Climate Commission;

                  ii.        That the Terms of Reference be amended to confirm that the Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change would not exceed 12 months as chair of the commission;

                 iii.        That the Committee receive a presentation at a future meeting on performance indicators showing how we can reach a carbon council and city.


Reason:    To support the creation of the York Climate Commission and to ensure the Committee continues to support the Council in achieving its carbon reduction ambitions.






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