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5 Cherry Grove, Upper Poppleton, [20/00516/FUL]

This application seeks permission for a single storey side and rear extensions, application of render finish, erection of detached garage to side with relocation of driveway to Cherry Grove [Rural West York]



Members considered a full application from Mr & Mrs Alex Dorman for a single storey side and rear extensions, application of render finish, erection of detached garage to side with relocation of driveway to Cherry Grove.  The site had previously been granted planning approval for the erection of a bungalow to the side of 5 Cherry Grove which had not been implemented to date.


Officers gave a presentation based upon the slides at pages 79 -88 of the Agenda and reported that:

·        an additional representation had been received from a neighbouring resident at 4 Cherry Grove, Upper Poppleton who had raised objections in relation to the intention to use the drainage strategy by Topping Engineers (Report 17473 Revision D dated March 2018) from the previous planning approval ref. 17/01968/FUL for the erection of a bungalow to the rear of 5 Cherry Grove and suggested that there be conditions in relation to the submission of a drainage scheme.

·        Consultee comments had been received from CYC Flood Risk Management Team that the foul and surface water drainage from this site was considered/investigated in depth and agreed in consultation with Yorkshire Water under the 17/01986/FUL application and therefore the drainage from this revised scheme should be constructed in accordance with the same principles (surface water discharge no greater than 1.2 (one point two) litres per second) with appropriate attenuation up to the 1 in 100 year + 30% climate change event. As agreed with Yorkshire Water, this will connect to the existing manhole within the site which then connects to the public sewer and content the detailed design can be sought by way of our suggested conditions.


With regards to the 130mm cover over the attenuation tank provided within the drainage design to support the 17/01986/FUL application, this was considered sufficient when being constructed within a landscaped area.


The additional comments had been taken into account and the planning balance and the recommendation had remained unchanged from the published report. 


Mr Neil Iacopi, local resident, spoke in objection on the grounds of drainage and flood risk concerns.  This proposal is being assessed with the inadequate drainage plan approved on the previous proposal over two years ago.  Revision D to the drainage plan remained a concern because the installation of the storage tank ignores the presence of ground water and would not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications and would therefore be in breach of Building Regulations.


Ms Lorna Welsh, neighbouring resident speaking in objection to the proposal, considered that this would exacerbate the frequent flood issues that she and her neighbours experienced, living in this area.


Mr Alex Dorman, the applicant was available to answer any questions that Members had.


After debate, Cllr Webb moved, and Cllr Crawshaw seconded, that the application be approved, in accordance with the officer recommendation.  Members voted unanimously in favour of this motion and it was therefore:


Resolved:            That the application be APPROVED, subject to the conditions listed in the report.


Reason for Approval:


For the reasons stated, the revised proposals are considered acceptable and would comply with the NPPF, the Upper Poppleton and Nether Poppleton Neighbourhood Plan 2017, Policy D11 (Extensions and Alterations to Existing Buildings) of the Publication Draft City of York Local Plan 2018, Policies GP1 (Design) and H7 (Residential Extensions) of the Development Control Local Plan and City of York Council's Supplementary Planning Document (House Extensions and Alterations).



[Cllr Galvin left the meeting at 7.20 pm]



[There was a short break from 7.20pm until 7.30pm, in order to register the public speaker].

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