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Monitor 1 2020/21 - Key Corporate Risks

The Audit and Governance Committee will consider a report which provides an update on the key corporate risks (KCRs) for City of York Council (CYC), which is included at Annex A.


Members considered a report which presented an update on the council’s key corporate risks (KCRs) for the first quarter of 2020/21, as set out in Annex A. 


Since the last monitor report in December, the Council has had to deal with the significant impact of Covid-19.  It was reported that the risks in relation to Covid-19 affected most council services and have had an impact on 11 of 13 existing KCRs.  Risk implications and controls in relation to Covid-19 were included within Annex A.  A detailed analysis of KCR9 (Communities) was attached at Annex B, and the Assistant Director of Communities and Culture was in attendance to respond to any questions on that.  Current gross and net risk ratings of all 13 current KCRs were summarised in Annex C.  No risks had been added, removed, increased or reduced since the last monitor.


Members commented as follows on specific risk areas:

·        KCR1 Financial Pressures – given the Covid-19 emergency, Members considered that the risk would be higher than the unchanged position of ‘possible net likelihood and moderate net impact’. The Head of Corporate Finance and Commercial Procurement responded that mitigation plans were in place and committed to review this for the next meeting.

·        KCR4 Changing Demographics – and the transparency of Community Impact Assessments.  Officers reported that this would be discussed further at the November meeting of this committee.

·        KCR5 Safeguarding – Members requested further information as to how evidence was collected; particularly in view of the potential for increases in furloughed workers, divorce and domestic violence arising from lockdown and the  Covid-19 emergency and given that the action plan would not be reviewed until March 2021.

·        KCR 8 Local Plan and the Governments proposed changes to planning, currently at consultation stage, and how that would impact upon risk to this area.


[Cllr Mason joined the meeting at 6.30 pm].


Looking in detail at KCR9 (Communities)


In response to a Member’s question regarding what funding had been given to local charities in support of their Covid-19 emergency response, the Assistant Director of Communities and Culture explained that GoodGym had received money in relation to prescription delivery.  As regards other charities, it was likely that the relevant wards had provided funding to them.  Move the Masses would have received funding from the Adults Social Care budget.  He acknowledged the need to consider a mechanism for the Council to provide funding that charities could access, administered through local wards.  The Council’s funding of the Community Hubs had been supplementary to local ward funding.


The Chair thanked the Assistant Director of Communities and Culture and his team for their effort in relation to the Local Hubs and in leading volunteers to help residents in need during the Covid-19 emergency.  He considered that this work had been in the best tradition of the CYC.




(i)           That the key corporate risks detailed in Annex A and summarised in Annex C be noted.

(ii)         That the information provided in Annex B in relation to KCR 9 (Communities) be noted.

(iii)        That it be noted that the 2020/21 Monitor 2 report will include a detailed analysis of KCR10 Workforce/Capacity.

(iv)        That officers note Members’ comments and provide the additional information requested.


Reason:     To provide assurance that the authority is effectively understanding and managing its key risks



[There was a short comfort break between 6.40pm and 6.45pm].

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