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18 Main Street, Bishopthorpe, York, YO23 2RB [19/02626/FUL]

Erection of detached single storey building to rear for use as micro-craft distillery [Bishopthorpe][site visit]



Members considered a full application from Miss M Priestley for the erection of a detached single storey building to the rear of 18 Main Street for use as a micro-craft distillery.


Officers circulated an update, reporting:

·        a change to the wording of Condition 3, deleting the final sentence;

·        an additional pre-commencement condition and informative in respect of drainage.


The applicant’s agent spoke in support of the application, stating that the size of the building was within permitted development rights and its use would be for the rectification of spirits only.


Julia Holmes, a resident of Main Street, spoke in objection, on the grounds that the proposed development would harm the character of the conservation area and set a precedent.


Jeannie Conley, on behalf of Bishopthorpe Parish Council, spoke in objection, on the grounds of harm to the conservation area, commercial business use in an inappropriate location, and road safety issues.


In response to questions from Members, officers confirmed that:

·        there would be 2 deliveries of raw alcohol per month to the premises;

·        any journeys associated with deliveries or collections would be similar to normal domestic vehicle use;

·        a condition to limit the amount of alcohol on site was not thought necessary due to the small scale of the operation;

·        any future proposal to extend the building would require planning permission.


After debate, it was


Resolved: That the application be approved, subject to the conditions listed in the report and the following amended / additional conditions and informative:


Amended Condition 3

The building shall be used only for the rectification and bottling of alcohol and for no other purpose including any other use falling within class B1 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987.


Reason:     To protect the living conditions of local residents and to enable the consideration by the local planning authority of any future proposed alternative uses and processes that may otherwise be undertaken without planning permission.


Amended Condition 5

There shall be no deliveries to or collections from the approved use at the site except between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00 on Mondays to Fridays and 09:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays.  No deliveries or collections shall take place on Sundays or Bank Holidays.


Reason:     To safeguard the amenities of local residents.


Additional Condition 6

The hours of operation of the approved use shall be confined to between 07:00 and18:00, on Mondays to Fridays only.


Reason:     To safeguard the amenities of local residents.


Additional Condition 7

No development shall take place until details of the proposed means of foul and surface water drainage, including details of any balancing works and off site works, have been submitted to and approved by the local planning authority.


Reason:     In line with the council’s Sustainable Drainage Systems Guidance for Developers and the hierarchy of surface water disposal.



i)   The public sewer network does not have capacity to accept an unrestricted discharge of surface water.  Surface water discharge to the existing public sewer network must only be as a last resort; the developer is required to eliminate other means of surface water disposal.


ii)  The applicant should be advised that the Ainsty (2008) Internal Drainage Board’s prior consent is required (outside the planning process) for any development, including fences or planting within 9.00m of the bank top of any watercourse within or forming the boundary of the site.  Any proposals to culvert, bridge, fill in or make a discharge to the watercourse will also require the Board’s prior consent.

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