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Agenda item

Principal, York Station Road, York, YO24 1AY [19/01322/FULM]

Erection of 4-storey extension to create 45 bedrooms and reception/entrance space, reconfigured car parking and landscaping. [Micklegate] [site visit]



Note: (i)      There was a short adjournment at 6:40pm for 5 minutes prior to discussion and debate on this item.

(ii)      At this point at 6:40pm, Cllrs Baker and Orrell left the meeting.


Members considered a full application from Mark Leary, for the erection of a 4-storey extension to create 45 bedrooms and reception/entrance space and to reconfigure car parking and landscaping.


Officers provided members with an oral update on the application and reported an amendment to condition 14, as a plan detailing the tracking of a delivery vehicle using the turning head was awaited (amended condition can be found as a supplement to the agenda and in the resolution below).


During debate members raised concerns regarding: (i) safety at the turning point and (ii) ensuring that trees removed would be  replaced and replanted at the most suitable location. 


In response to concerns raised by members, the Conservation Architect assured them that the proposals on this site posed minimal harm to the conservation area.


It was moved and seconded that the application be Approved as set out in the officer report with the amended condition 14, an additional condition in relation to the turning area and a further informative stipulating that landscaping decisions be delegated to the chair and vice chair in relation to replacing the existing trees. 

and it was therefore:


Resolved:            That the application be Approved subject to the conditions listed in the report.


With the addition:


(i)           That decisions in relation to a revised turning area be delegated to the Head of Development Services. 


(ii)         An amendment to condition 14, this now reads as follows:

No part of the site shall come into use until turning areas have been provided in accordance with details which have been previously submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Thereafter the turning areas shall be retained free of all obstructions and used solely for the intended purpose.


(iii)        Of the following informative:


Landscaping details including additional tree planting to be agreed with chair and vice-chair.



(i)           This proposal is the resubmission of a scheme granted planning permission in June 2016 with some minor changes relating to the landscaping to accommodate a revised turning head.  The local plan context has changed since the original submission and the relevant policies of the Emerging Plan have been detailed.  It is  considered that there has been no material changes to the policy content in the intervening period to the 2016 approval to warrant a different appraisal of the scheme. 

(ii)         The application would provide 45no.additional bedrooms specifically related to the conference facilities of the hotel through a new dedicated reception point. There would be some minor harm to designated heritage assets, i.e. the setting of the Royal York Hotel and the Central Historic Core Conservation Area. Having attached considerable importance and weight to the desirability of avoiding such harm, the local planning authority has concluded that it is outweighed by the application's public benefits of improving the conference facilities at this premium hotel and by the   new building having been carefully designed to complement the existing building group whilst maintaining the dominance, setting and garden aspect of the Victorian hotel building.  Important views would be preserved and some views, such as along the main access from Station Road and from the city walls, would be enhanced. All other issues are satisfactorily addressed.

(iii)        The application accords with national planning policy set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and policies of the Draft and Emerging Local Plan.


Reasons for the additional condition, amendment and informative:


                   (i)      To address the committees concerns regarding

                             The provision of a safe turning point.

(ii)      To enable vehicles to enter and leave the site in a forward gear thereby ensuring the safe and free passage of traffic on the public highway.

(iii)        To satisfy the committee that trees removed would be replaced appropriately.


Supporting documents:


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