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Health Protection Assurance Report

Members will receive the report that provides an overview of Health Protection systems nationally and the priorities for the City of York



Members received a report which provided an overview of the Health Protection system nationally and the priorities for the City of York. 


Previously this report had been presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB).  However it was considered by the Board that this aspect should sit within the Health and Adult Social Care Policy and Scrutiny Committee as it would provide Members with an opportunity to ask questions about the health protection system and whether it was meeting the needs of York residents.  Members would also have the opportunity to influence the priorities for the City.  The Chair considered that this item should continue to sit with the HWBB as the Board comprises relevant operational expertise.  The Chair agreed to raise this with the Chair of the HWBB.


Fiona Phillips, Assistant Director, Public Health and Phillipa Press Public Health Specialist Practitioner (Advanced), were in attendance to present the report and to respond to questions.


The following information was provided in response to questions from committee members:


·        In relation to strategic priority 6: to build evidence to address infectious diseases linked with health inequalities and measures to address this, officers spoke about their screening implementation plan and action plans in place for infection.

·        Information on equalities by ward is presented at Primary Care Network meetings.  Members considered it would be beneficial to receive this information via an email. 

·        Regarding the Influenza vaccine provision, officers confirmed that those in York working in health and social care had been given this vaccine for free for a number of years.  This had widened to all City of York Council (CYC) staff and had been advertised in the ‘Buzz’ communication.  The relevant information had been given to all managers to cascade to their staff.  Take up had gone from 200 to 700 this year.  This is not available for school staff as they have arrangements in place.  At Primary schools this is offered to children and extended to staff.  In Secondary schools the council had provided advice on how they could access free Influenza vaccine vouchers.

·        Officers confirmed that there is a clear Public Health communication in relation to Influenza vaccine on the ‘One City of York’ council website and in care homes and local Pharmacies.

The measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine


·        In relation to the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, statistically York residents were above and below the national averages.  The MMR1 is administered at 13 months and has a very positive 98 percent take up.  The MMR2 is administered at 3 years and 4 months and has an 86 percent take up, which is below the national average.  This is indicative across the country.  Statistically, York are in the middle in relation to our comparable neighbours. 

·        In response to Members concerns regarding anti-vaccines campaigns and messages usually found on social media, officers outlined that the World Health Organisation were putting together a response which states that vaccinations are scientifically safe.  They are working with social media channels to challenge this.

·        In relation to understanding the figure of 14 percent of parents that do not take their children for the follow up MMR2 vaccine, officers explained that it was difficult to understand the underlying reasons for this percentage as this is confidential information held by the GP.

A Member considered that it was unlikely that parents were choosing not to bring their children to have the MMR2 vaccine based on concerns or apprehension around having the vaccine given that 98 percent of children were having the first vaccine. Members expressed concern that perhaps parents had not understood that both vaccines were required.


Resolved:  Members noted the content of the report and were

willing to:


i)     Assist officers and share ideas about how to promote uptake of Maternal vaccines with respect to Pertussis in York .

ii)    Assist in the promotion of the Winter Flu Vaccinations by sharing details with constituents.

iii)  Assist officers to share ideas about how to promote CYC information and guidance on emergency planning related to flooding.

They also requested:


iv)  further information about the Rubella Elimination Strategy.

Reason:     To keep Members informed of health protection assurance in York.

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