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Agenda item

Police Update

There will be an update from the local Policing team and residents will have the opportunity to raise any issues in the ward


Sgt Lowery confirmed that since June 2019 the Neighbourhood Team had made 800 visits to the area with the main crime being identified as online fraud.  Consequently, PCSO Brooks offered to provide fraud prevention advice and support to residents if required.  Seven calls relating to anti-social behaviour had also been made and residents were reminded to call 101 in the event of any further (non-emergency) incidents. 


One resident asked what constituted a visit.  Sgt Lowery and PCSO Brooks confirmed that a house call or a patrol through the area (if the police vehicle stopped for longer than ten minutes) were recorded as one visit.  The majority of patrols involved a PCSO either on a bike or on foot.


Concerns were raised with regard to a local traveller site and the fact that several vehicles with no apparent tax or insurance had been seen being driven around the area.  Although these sightings had previously been reported approximately two months ago nothing seemed to have been done since then.  Councillor Warters commented that the traveller vehicles moved on a daily basis so were likely to have been driven illegally (which was a police matter).  There followed a further discussion about identifying whether a vehicle was legally roadworthy by checking the DVLS website.  Sgt Lowery said she would discuss the matter with her colleagues in the Traffic Enforcement Team as they had all the relevant information. 

One resident raised concerns with regard to incidents of speeding in Dunnington (particularly near the railway bridge).  Sgt Lowery confirmed that residents could apply to the Traffic Enforcement Team for an assessment as to whether a speed camera would be an appropriate deterrent.  Councillor Rowley said that from previous experience he considered Community Speed Watch (using hand held speed detection devices) to be an effective deterrent. There was also a discussion about the 30mph limit sign (which had been relocated against the wishes of Dunnington Parish Council before being subsequently moved back to its original position on Common Road following an accident).   Residents felt that they had been hampered with regard to traffic issues and that the VAS (vehicle activated sign) had been damaged, it has now been agreed by CYC that the VAS is to be replaced using Highways budget.


Sgt Lowery was asked by one resident whether it was appropriate to have vehicle lights on all the time when driving.  Sgt Lowery confirmed that it was important to be well lit between dawn and dusk but it was not necessary during daylight hours (except in conditions of poor visibility).  She went on to say that cyclists without lights or high visibility clothing were an ongoing problem.


Another resident raised a query as to whether the police would be able to locate properties in more rural areas (i.e. in Holtby) where local police knowledge may be limited.  Sgt Lowery gave assurance that their mapping systems were very accurate (even in the absence of numbered properties).


Councillor Rowley commented on a recent (positive) meeting with Inspector Lee Pointon who confirmed that every Parish Council should expect a minimum of three visits per year from the Neighbourhood Team.  He went on to say that Sgt Lowery had assured him that she would make every effort to facilitate this.


As no further queries were raised, Councillor Rowley thanked Sgt Lowery and PCSO Brooks for their contribution to the meeting.



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