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Older Persons Accommodation Needs Survey

Members are to receive a report which presents the results of a  survey undertaken to better understand the needs of the city’s older residents and to establish what is important to people about how and where they live in their later years.  Approval is sought to implement the recommendations from the research.


Further to an engagement and consultation programme to better understand the accommodation needs of the city’s older residents, members received the report which presented the results of this survey and outlined how that research could shape the future work of the Older Person’s Accommodation Programme.  Vicky Japes, Head of Older Persons Accommodation and Phillip Pye, Older Persons Accommodation Intern, were in attendance to present the report and to respond to questions.


Officers, earlier today, had met with the Rowntree Trust and other stakeholder who had signed up to joint working on housing approaches in the city.  They had asked that in consideration of the accommodation needs of older residents that this committee considers: (i) Their call for action regarding technology to support older residents, and (ii) How we make policy that reflects the need for accommodation recognising that the majority of York’s older residents are homeowners. 


The following information was provided in response to questions from committee members:


·        The consultation had been undertaken as the council did not have qualitative data from residents and had been reliant upon population data. 

·        This was a council consultation undertaken in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust.  The interview, qualitative data sessions had been organised by them.

·        There were 406 on-line or paper responses to the questionnaire, in addition there were interviews to gain qualitative data, quotes and in depth personal insights.  34 per cent of responses were from men.  There had been difficulty in getting people to complete the survey.

·        81 per cent of the residents surveyed were home owners. 29 per cent of them wanted to stay in their existing home.

·        There was a lack of awareness of the various accommodation options.  A common response to questions was ‘we don’t know what is available’.  As a result of this, the council would produce a directory of options, once people understand options available there may be further changes in demand.

·        It was noted that a high number of people had been interested in a self-build property within a multi-generational community.   The council were aware of two groups considering this.  The council has a community and self-build officer.   Although younger people had not featured in the action plan officers agreed to provide feedback on this aspect.

·        Regarding the 10 per cent of people wishing to live in a single story property and whether this target was high enough given the increase in population who will be aged over 75 in future.  This consultation had reflected the wishes of older residents and had not been a commitment for the council to build these properties. A higher target would result in a planning commitment to put obligations on developers.

·        80 per cent of York’s older residents had expressed that they  were receptive to trailing new technology to assist them.

·        Officers needed to give further consideration to the housing demand in relation to those moving to York from outside the area.  40 per cent of residents who had purchased properties at Cardinal Court were from outside of the city.

·        In hindsight the consultation would have asked people about their existing living circumstances.

·        In response to concerns from members regarding care home provision which had been given a green RAG rating at the recent Corporate Scrutiny Committee.  It was agreed that this committee would receive an update on this concern.  The council major projects report had given a green RAG rating  as collectively the programme in relation to care provision was moving at a good pace with a number of care provisions opening in the New Year. 


Resolved that the committee:  


(i)           Noted and commented on the Older Persons Accommodation Needs report and the results of the engagement work.

(ii)         Considered how the consultation responses could be used to inform the future of the Older Person’s Accommodation Programme.

(iii)        Requested further information on care home provision.


Reason:     So that the committee is updated on the findings of the Older Persons Accommodation Needs Survey and are involved in how the consultation responses could be used to inform the future of the Older Person’s Accommodation Programme.

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