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Attendance of the Executive Member for Economy and Strategic Planning - Priorities and Challenges for 2019-20

The Executive Member for Economy and Strategic Planning will provide an overview of the priorities and challenges for 2019-20.

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The Executive Member for Economy and Strategic Planning gave a verbal update on his priorities and challenges for 2019-20. He explained that the inclusive green growth consultation needed expanding and the plan for the climate emergency needed expanding and requested that he provide a more detailed update to the Committee at a later date.


A Member expressed concern that a written update had not been provided by the Executive Member to which the Scrutiny Officer clarified that there was no obligation for a written report to the provided to the Committee. In acknowledging the concern, the Chair suggested that a verbal update be provided followed by a written update at the next meeting.


The Executive Member reported that his priorities for 2019-20 included a refresh of the economic strategy, increasing the number of companies accessing apprenticeships and addressing the pressures in the retail sector.


Members welcomed the update and in response to questions he commented that:

·        In terms of supporting people, local area hubs had been providing advice and early information and there could be better initiatives with local traders associations.


·        In terms of procurement at city region level regarding the living wage, as an authority the council could examine purchasing to be used to encourage a living wage.


·        To deliver a better economy there needed to be the opportunity to provide different advice and experience from different sectors, for example on renewables and to help develop more sustainable jobs. In terms of city centre functions, businesses needed to be encouraged to stay in the city.


·        York sat in the middle of two overlapping Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) – York, North Yorkshire and East Riding (YNYER) LEP, and the Leeds City Region (LCR) LEP. There was a need to ensure that the overlap was beneficial to York.


·        In terms of the Local Industrial Strategy it was clear that a larger geography worked better in bidding. There were two strategies being developed and assurance had been given that York would fit into both.

·        York Central was yet to receive approval from the Secretary of State.


·        There had been a presentation to a number of forums which the Executive Member undertook to forward to the Committee.


·        He had made visits to a number of businesses including Biovale in Dunnington. He was also a school governor and would like to make sure that children reached their potential. He had written to the Principal at York College regarding the reinstatement of vocational courses for young people aged 14+ years. There was regional funding for this.


·        It had been confirmed that there was no ‘plan B’ should the HIF funding not be received.


Resolved: That;


                             i.        The verbal update from the Executive Member for Economy and Strategic Planning on his priorities and challenges for 2019-20 be noted.


                            ii.        The Executive Member for Economy and Strategic Planning attend the next Committee meeting to provide a detailed update on his  priorities and challenges for 2019-20


Reason:     To understand the priorities and challenges for Economy and Strategic Planning for 2019-20.


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