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10 Vicarage Lane, Naburn [19/00829/FUL]

Two storey side and rear extensions (resubmission of 18/01761/FUL). (Wheldrake) [site visit]



Members considered a Full Application from Mr Andrew Holmes for a two storey side and rear extension which was a resubmission of application 18/01761/FUL.


Officers noted that this application was recommended for refusal as the application site was considered within the Green Belt and therefore Green Belt policies had been applied. Officers highlighted that changes to the wording of the NPPF guidance have affected the development of ‘washed over’ areas within the Green Belt.


Mr Andrew Holmes, the applicant, then addressed the committee. Mr Holmes highlighted that the Parish Council and neighbouring properties were all in support of the application. Mr Holmes also highlighted extensions on neighbouring properties that would have been tested under policy GB2 when Naburn was considered ‘washed over’ and stated that the distances between the boundary and neighbouring properties would be larger in this instance and that it would not therefore impact the openness of the green belt.


Ms Anne Clark then addressed the committee on behalf of Naburn Parish Council. Ms Clark was concerned that the planning process would be unfair on the applicant in this instance due to the extensions that have previously been allowed on this street. Ms Clark also stated that too much weight was being given to green belt considerations, particularly in an area in which until recently was considered washed over. Ms Clark concluded that the Parish Council deemed this an adequate and acceptable extension.


During debate, members made the following points:

-      That this application seemed to be a sympathetic extension that would have little impact on street scene

-      That whilst it was possible to argue whether Naburn should be in the green belt, the overturning of the recommendation would set a precedent for future applications within the green belt.

-      Members sympathised with both the applicant and the parish council on the need to keep young families in the village.


Officers noted that should Members wish to approve the application, it would be necessary to find very special circumstances that outweigh the harm to the green belt.


Some Members noted that they felt that very special circumstances would be difficult to justify, however were more inclined to suggest that this extension was not disproportionate and would not harm the green belt. Officers clarified that whilst Members can have this view, the NPPF stated that the development of buildings within the green belt is inappropriate and the test of whether an exception could be made, could only be made in this instance if Members could argue that the extension was not disproportionate to the original size of the building.


It was moved by Cllr Galvin and seconded by Cllr Fisher that approval be granted on the grounds that the application is not disproportionate development in the green belt. On being taken to the vote, the motion was lost by 5 votes to 6.


It was then moved by Cllr Cullwick and seconded by Cllr Crawshaw that the application be refused, on being taken to the vote, the motion was carried.


It was therefore:


Resolved:  That the application be refused


Reason:     The application site is within the Green Belt. It is considered that the proposed extensions would result in a disproportionate addition over and above the size of the original dwelling and thus represent inappropriate development in the Green Belt. Whilst the proposal would enhance the amenity and living conditions of the existing occupants, it is not considered that this factor constitutes very special circumstances that would outweigh the harm to the Green Belt and the other harms identified.


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