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Millthorpe School, Nunthorpe Avenue, York YO23 1PF [18/01162/FUL]

Construction of a 3G sports pitch with associated lighting, fencing and parking. (Micklegate) [site visit]


Members considered a full application from Mr Alex Collins for the construction of a 3G sports pitch with associated lighting, fencing and parking.


Officers updated the committee on further objections and a statement of support from a resident, including that the hours of use be restricted to 8pm at all times. Officers also proposed amendments to conditions 5, 6 and 8.


Condition 5 on the breaks between bookings has been amended for clarity purposes. The last two sentences of the Reason for the condition now read:


...Such overspill onto surrounding residential streets would be detrimental to the surrounding residential community who are already largely restricted to parking their own vehicles on street. There are concerns that without the break, insufficient parking on site would encourage drop-off on no waiting restrictions close to the school with associated safety and highway implications.


Condition 6 has been amended so that the measures to prohibit on-street car parking is now only triggered before the first use of the pitch by community users rather than for any users:


The development hereby permitted is not to be used for community use until the following highway works...


Condition 8 relating to the Car Park Management Plan (CPMP) has been amended for clarity. The first sentence of the second paragraph clarifies that the restriction applies only to use outside of the school day:


Outside of normal school hours the new car park immediately adjacent to the artificial pitch shall only be used by users of the artificial pitch and not any other community users of the school site and this will be detailed in the CPMP.


In response to Member questions, officers stated that they had amended Condition 8 in order to allow school staff to use the associated car park during the school day due to congestion within the site.


Mr Peter Combie, a resident, spoke in objection to the application. Mr Combie was concerned that this application could influence the outcome of a request for a residents only parking zone for the remainder of Albemarle Road. Mr Combie was disappointed that Knavesmire Road had not been considered as a potential ‘drop-off’ area, as this was further from residential properties and would have little impact on parking.


Ms Averil Rushton then addressed the committee and spoke in objection. Ms Rushton highlighted light, noise, traffic and parking concerns in relation to this proposal and was concerned at the severe impact that this would have on residential neighbours. Ms Rushton stated that she did not have an issue with the use of the pitch by the school however its use on evenings and weekends would come at a cost to the amenity of the local community.


Ms Jane Simms also spoke in objection to the application. Ms Simms highlighted that the number of objectors far outweighed the number of supporting statements and was concerned about the way the consultation had been handled. Ms Simms stated that there had been no joined up approach to parking and traffic management in relation to this proposal and the associated residents parking request, and that the proposed yellow line proposals would only exacerbate the situation.  Ms Simms went on to state that the idea of encouraging a high number of vehicles to a residential area was at odds with the Council’s ambition to make York a ‘greener city’.


Mr Steve Wells, the agent for the applicant, then spoke in support of the application. Mr Wells highlighted that there had been 2 public consultation events held at the school that were well attended and notices on the school website. It was also noted that in order for Sport England, a statutory consultee, to agree to the proposal, a community use agreement was requested. Mr Wells also stated that schools are not able to use education budget for developments such as this and Artificial Grass Pitches (AGPs) require a budget for maintenance and management and this is why charges must apply.


In response to Member questions on staff travel and the amendment to condition 8, the speaker stated that the school have developed a new travel plan to encourage staff to car pool and use sustainable transport whenever possible. Planning Officers added that it had seemed unreasonable to not allow school staff to use this car park during school hours due to the congested staff parking on the current site. Mr Wells also stated that currently there is no working business plan attached to this development.


In response to further member questions, Mr Wells stated that school staff had circulated advertisements for two public meetings to residents and understood that a small number of streets were missed and as a result of that, a second consultation meeting was organised.


Cllr Johnny Hayes then addressed the committee in his role as Ward Councillor. Cllr Hayes highlighted the poor consultation, the highly congested nature of the area, the difficulty parking and the need for the evening use and implementation of the project to be looked at as it would significantly impact neighbourhood amenity.


During debate, Members agreed that the provision of more AGPs should be considered a positive however echoed the thoughts of residents regarding operational hours.


Cllr Flinders moved and Cllr Craghill seconded that the amendment to condition 8 in the officer update be withdrawn. Upon being put to the vote, the motion fell.


It was then proposed by Cllr Cannon and seconded by Cllr Mercer that an amendment to Condition 3 be approved, to read as follows:


3. The use of the artificial grass pitch hereby approved for the playing of sports ort any other function shall be restricted to the following times:


Monday to Friday – 08:00 to 20:00 with floodlights switched off no later than 20:15;

Saturday – 09:00 to 20:00 with floodlights switched off no later than 20:15; and

Sunday – 10:00 to 20:00 with floodlights switched off no later than20:15


Reason: In the interests of the residential amenity of surrounding occupants.


Upon being put to the vote, this motion was carried.

It was noted that Sport England currently have no objection to the proposal, however with the reduction to the operational hours, finishing at 20:00 instead of 22:00, this will need to be referred back to Sport England


It was then moved and seconded that delegated authority be given to officers to approve the application subject to the amendment to condition 3 as listed above and further consultation with Sport England and referral to the Secretary of State if required.


Upon being put to the vote, this motion was carried and it was therefore:


Resolved:  That delegated authority to approve be given to officers subject to the amended conditions and consultation with Sport England as explained above.


Reason:     With the strong policy context and support from key consultees on the provision for an artificial pitch at the Millthorpe School site with associated community use and wider health benefits for pupils and residents, the application is considered to be in accordance with The National Planning Policy Framework (February 2019) sections 8, 9 and 12 and relevant policies listed at section 2 in the report from the Publication Draft City of York Local Plan 2018.

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