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Securing a Sustainable Future for Haxby Hall Older Persons' Home

The Corporate Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care to present a report which asks Executive to decide whether to transfer ownership and management of Haxby Hall residential care home to an independent sector provider, in the light of consultation with residents, relatives, staff and care providers.


The Programme Director, Older Persons’ Accommodation, presented a report which set out the results of consultation on the option to transfer the ownership and management of Haxby Hall older persons’ home to a partner organisation and asked Executive to decide whether to approve the transfer.


Approval to take forward this option had been given by Executive on 7 December 2016 (Minute 85b of that meeting refers).  Consultation with residents, relatives and staff had taken place between September and November 2017.  The overall response, as summarised in paragraph 12 of the report, had been positive, with a preference for a phased redevelopment enabling residents and staff to remain at the home.  Key issues raised at a supplier engagement meeting held on 6 September were highlighted in paragraph 14.  The minimum requirements proposed for the transfer, based on the feedback from consultation, were detailed in paragraph 16.  Bidders would be encouraged to submit bids which also delivered additional, viable enhancements to this minimum.


Officers confirmed that the council would maintain oversight of service provision after the transfer. Members paid tribute to the work of staff at the home and welcomed the opportunity to improve facilities for them and for residents.


Resolved:  (i)      That the results of consultation undertaken with residents, relatives, staff and care providers on the future ownership and management of Haxby Hall residential care home be noted.


                   (ii)      That the transfer of the ownership and management of Haxby Hall residential care home to an independent sector provider be approved.


                   (iii)     That approval be given to:

a)   Procure a developer / operator to take over Haxby Hall residential care home as a going concern, with a commitment to deliver improved care facilities on the site;

b)   Dispose of the site of the care home to the selected bidder by way of freehold sale or long lease, in return for payment of a premium / capital sum;

c)   Impose a covenant within the transfer deed / lease that the land can only be used as a care home but the council will not unreasonably withhold approval to a different use, subject to the council receiving an additional sum equal to a fair proportion of any increase in value arising from any alternative use (provided that the council could refuse any request for alternative use within an initial period of approximately 25 years unless the provider can show that there is no longer sufficient demand for a care home on the site);

d)   Procure a contract under which the council would seek to purchase access to a specified number of beds in the care home at a specified rate for a specified number of years;

e)   Provide relevant pension indemnities to the preferred partner in respect of the staff who will transfer under TUPE; and

f)    Pay the cost of this procurement from the agreed Older Persons’ Accommodation Programme budget.


(iv)    That bids allowing for the residents and staff of Haxby Hall to move to another location for a fixed period of time while re-development takes place be considered and, should this option be favoured by bidders, that it be the subject of consultation with residents, relatives and staff before being adopted.


(v)     That Executive receive, at their meeting in September 2018, the recommendation to sell or lease the Haxby Hall site to the preferred partner on the terms agreed via the procurement, in accordance with Financial Regulations.


Reason:     To secure the long term provision of care at Haxby Hall and progress the Programme’s aim of expanding and modernising older people’s care provision in the city, while delivering medium and long term efficiencies.

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