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Ways To Wellbeing - social prescribing project York CVS


Jasmine Howard gave a presentation on the Ways to Wellbeing Project being undertaken in the four Priory Medical Group Practices.   The project was being run by York CVS in conjunction currently with Priory Medical Group and as part of a pilot, the results and outcomes had been independently evaluated by York St John University.   The aim of the project was to help the 10% of people who were lonely or socially isolated and went to their doctors because of their situation.   The aim was to promote Social Prescribing by connecting people within their local community with a view to supporting and improving their lives and wellbeing and thus reduce the use of GP appointments for social issues.    People were also enabled to live at home safely for longer.   Some people were visiting their doctor because of their emotional wellbeing (mental health) or long term conditions such as CPD or diabetes.   It was noted that Huntington and New Earswick Ward had a higher than average population of 75+ year olds than the York average and were therefore disproportionately affected.


Jasmine said that when a person was referred to Jasmine directly from the GP an informal meeting was held at the local surgery, where they could have a cup of tea and discuss what life is like for them.  From this meeting ideas could be discussed and agreement reached as to how their lives could be improved and steps that needed to be taken to make the ideas come to fruition with the help of others.    People were encouraged and supported to do the activities or join the groups they want to until they are confident to carry on on their own.  Transport could also be provided for the first time activities    The project also provided help and support on benefits, debt and housing support. 


The benefits of social prescribing were found to be increased confidence and wellbeing, decreased loneliness and decreased use of GPs time.   People were also helped to engage with their local community and be better able to manage their condition for example being part of groups, having a befriender, joining choirs and art classes and the feedback was that they felt a ‘weight had been lifted’.   Routine was of great importance and it helps people to focus and become more resilient.  


As a result of this project 80% of people referred had a greater sense of wellbeing, 75% had and improvement in confidence and there had been a decrease in reported loneliness and a 20% decrease in GP appointments.


A resident asked how a person would know about the project.



Jasmine said that a person would be referred through their GP.  She was based in the local surgery.  The project would also accept self-referrals or referrals from nurses or councillors.



is time saved by not going to the GP?



GP consultation time is being better used for people needing medical treatment.  Such referrals were more about ‘quality of life’.   Jasmine explained she was here tonight in the hope of attracting ward committee funding to roll out the project in the ward.



How do you find about groups and organisation in the ward to signpost people to?  


We talk to people in the ward, we are based at York CVS which gives access to a very large database of community organisations. She gave an example of a resident who had been supported with a swimpass to enable him to try out swim sessions accompanied by a worker.



A resident said volunteers were happy to help with the co-ordination of transport. 





A resident said they had started a catering company, how do we let you know that about our project.  



Jasmine said she would encourage people to email the service and to register with the Family Information Service.


The pilot was currently working out of the Priory Medical Group surgeries at Park View, Tang Hall, Heworth and Fulford. We are hoping to extend to other wards subject to funding.





Councillor Runciman said that this was an excellent initiative that brought services to people.   There was CCG funding initially but unfortunately it was going to stop soon.  

Our approach as the administration was to support prevention projects.




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