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One Planet York Scrutiny Review

This report informs the Task Group of the information gathered to date in support of their objective to examine how York might best balance economic, social and environmental factors to realise its goal of being a more sustainable and resilient “One Planet” city.


Members considered a report informing them of the information gathered to date in support of their objective to examine how York might best balance economic, social and environmental factors to realise its goal of being a more sustainable and resilient ‘One Planet’ city.


Officers gave a brief background to the report and in response to Member questions clarified:


·        A report would be taken to Executive on 16 March providing an update on how the Council was working towards becoming a One Planet Council, including progress towards the new One Planet Council Policy, new One Planet Council Action Plan (Phase 1 and Phase 2) and delivery of the new Carbon and Resource Smart Management Plan.


·        The Grant Thornton Vibrant Economy Index had been widely praised by the One Planet York Leadership Group as a way of measuring progress. Statistics were compiled from statutory responses and the information was meaningful and comparative. 


·        A ‘Better Decision Making Tool’ had been developed to encourage transparency and informed decision making. It was hoped this would be fully integrated into the Council’s decision making process and a plan would be developed in order to ensure that Officers and Members were fully trained in its use.


During discussion some of the following issues were raised:


·        The importance of communicating the One Planet York vision across the Council through use of branding and logos, showing a commitment to our partners.

·        It was vital that time and effort be put in to enabling people to use the framework effectively and allowing them to engage with the One Planet York principles.

·        There was an awareness that leading sustainable cities balanced social, economic and environmental factors. It was important that economic factors did not always take precedence.

·        Getting ward committee and public support was crucial to the vision being adopted. It was suggested that Members of the Task Group could roll the framework out in their wards as a pilot.

·        Training materials, displays etc would be helpful for ward Members involved in this way.

·        It was requested that Members receive an update on the Urban Living Pilot Project once work was complete.


Resolved:  That the Task Group formulated its recommendations so that a Draft Final Report could be presented to CSMC.


Draft Review Recommendations

That the Committee recognises the opportunities that exist within the One Planet York framework and urges the Executive to show its ambition to become a One Planet Council by playing a leading role in further building the OPY network and maintaining a strong focus on the OPY vision. CSMC is asked to endorse the following recommendations in relation to the remit in paragraph 8 of the draft final report.

i.     Review what leading sustainable cities and those similar to York are doing in seeking to balance economic, social and environmental needs.




a)    The Council fully utilises the opportunities presented by the One Planet York framework to drive organisational efficiency and effectiveness through the principles of a One Planet Council and further mobilise the wider city towards a more sustainable and resilient One Planet York future.

ii.    Explore potential of the One Planet York framework to:

o    Enable benchmarking with other cities through a new One Planet York ‘city scorecard’ (basket of measures)

o    Increase understanding and wider awareness about what makes cities sustainable and resilient.


b)    Communication of the One Planet York framework, vision and 10 principles are sustained across all media platforms and that widespread use of the One Planet York or One Planet Council logos is encouraged to demonstrate a united commitment in the One Planet York principles by City of York Council and our city partners.

c)     That progress towards the One Planet York vision is measured via a new city scorecard and that the One Planet Council objectives are measured via a new council scorecard.

d)    As the city scorecard will be based on the Grant Thornton Vibrant Economy Index, which includes a basket of measures across a range of economic, social and environmental themes, this scorecard is formally reported to CSMC on an annual basis to coincide with the Grant Thornton refresh in November each year.

e)    That the One Planet York Task Group is reconvened in 12 months’ time to review the impact of the Council’s emerging service plans within the One Planet Council framework; how Key Performance Indicators align to the One Planet principles and to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of internal communications.

iii.   Review statutory and local decision making tools, engagement and collaboration methods to help cities best balance economic, social and environmental needs.



f)      City of York Council supports the full integration of the Better Decision Making Tool in the key decision making process.

g)    Alongside the full integration of the BDMT, a plan is developed to support officers in the understanding and use of the tool to ensure its effectiveness.

h)    CSMC review progress on embedding and implementing the BDMT in 12 months’ time.

i)      A specific heading relating to resilience and sustainability is added to the risks and implications section of CYC report templates.

j)      The Council makes the BDMT available to partner organisations aligned to the One Planet York framework and explores whether a simplified version of the BDMT can be developed to assist ward committees when they consider the allocation of devolved budgets.

k)     One Planet York notice boards, literature and static presentations are made available for ward committees interested in utilising the framework to further mobilise neighbourhoods / communities to get behind the OPY vision and to stimulate new neighbourhood conversations. 

l)      An elected member toolkit / resource pack is developed to assist ward committees, and is made available to community and voluntary groups to assist in making informed decisions within the One Planet York framework.

m)  The Council arranges training for ward teams / committees to deliver One Planet York presentations to spread the One Planet message at local level.

iv.  Explore how the city’s Urban Living Pilot Project – ‘York City Environment Observatory’ – could bring new knowledge and insight regarding economic, social and environmental interdependencies.



n)    That CSMC request a report on the Urban Living Pilot Project once this work has been completed.


Reason: To conclude the work on this scrutiny review.

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