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Key speakers

Presentations from Ward partners.


·        Home Library Service


Mr Dennis explained that the Home Library Service is designed to help those residents who find it difficult to get to their local library.  Readers can choose from a wide variety of books in different formats, including audio and large print, which can be delivered to their home on a regular basis by a Royal Voluntary Service volunteer.  E-readers and headphones can also be loaned.  If anyone is interested in accessing the service, the contact is:


Sarah Wallis: Tel  07469 378201



·        York Wheels


York Wheels is a ‘dial & ride’ service providing a door-to-door service to various locations around the City for people who cannot access public transport.

Brunswick Organic Nursery


          Cllr Galvin explained that he had been working with Geoff Freestan from the Brunswick Organic Nursery to identify areas where the Nursery could assist in improving the look and feel of the Ward.  Mr Freestan then provided residents with a short overview of the work of the Nursery and how and where it could have a positive impact.


The following improvements have been identified:

·        an increase in the number and the area covered by hanging baskets

·        more barrel planters, for example, outside the shops on Sim Balk Lane and in front of the library (these would be lined with heavy duty polythene to prolong their life)

·        a replacement planter outside the library

·        the use of larger troughs to create decorative vegetable gardens where residents would be encouraged to help themselves to produce

·        the planting of fruit trees such as damson, quince, etc., around the Ward to encourage foraging.  A number of possible areas have already been identified.  Mr Freestan reassured residents that none of the trees planted would become too large or spread too far.


ACTION: Cllr Galvin to map any possible sites and check that trees were not being planted over underground utilities or services such as cables, drainage, etc.


ACTION: Cllr Galvin to communicate these plans with residents living in the vicinity in case of any objections.


One resident suggested labelling the trees so that people would be aware which fruits were edible.  This would avoid any confusion with existing trees.  Mr Freestan agreed this was a good idea.


ACTION: Mr Freestan to further investigate the practicalities of labelling any fruit trees. 


Residents from both Acaster Malbis and Bishopthorpe were encouraged to contact either Geoff Freestan or Cllr Galvin with any suggestions for potential improvement sites.


Some concerns were raised regarding the potential for vandalism of any improvement projects.  However, it was pointed out that similar concerns were raised about the sensory garden and that, with the exception of a very small amount of damage, the garden was still thriving.


Current Ward maintenance projects would be continued, eg. maintenance of the small garden at the top of Main Street in Bishopthorpe and the repainting and cleaning of the seats.


The costs of these improvements would be funded from the Ward budget.


Cllr Galvin thanked Mr Freestan for his presentation and input into the meeting.




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