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Agenda item

Local Plan Consultation

Allow residents to consult with the possible new buildings in Clifton. They can do this after the meeting.


Local Plan

There are a few areas being consulted on at the moment – the football ground, and Morrell House care home. Morrell House may be consulted on as part of the CYC older person’s homes transformation programme. We have also accepted a funding bid from an organisation called Musical Connections which provides musical activities for residents of Morrell House.


For anyone wanting to contribute comments to the local plan we have freepost envelopes available.


Floor: There has been a letter to residents of Lumley Road regarding the grass verges. We know something is being considered but we haven’t heard anything. There has been damage to the grass verges from TalkTalk laying fibre-optics and from cars parking to pick people up from St Peter’s. Can you tell us what is happening?


Cllr Myers: I’m disappointed with the wait; it is not off the agenda. The ward team meets every 6-8 weeks and Lumley Road comes up regularly. We did a morning walk up Lumley Road and met with the Head of St Peters and with the hospital car parking manager. The root of the problem is lack of public transport. We are going to get the traffic engineer to come out and find a time for all the residents of Lumley Road to meet.


Floor: Do the council recognise that it is a major problem?


Cllr Myers: They have done a survey, which they wouldn’t do unless they recognised there is a problem.


Floor: What was the response to the suggestions of reflective bollards?


Cllr Wells: A very high response.


Cllr Myers: So a traffic engineer will attend a public meeting.


Floor: Heron Foods appear to be opening a store at the Corner House. We are a bit concerned for our local businesses.


Cllr Myers: We invited a representative from Tesco to attend this meeting. We understand that the scaffolding on the Corner House last week was part of Tesco’s contractual obligation, the local media reported that it could be Heron moving in. It has been frustrating for us that the only information we have had has been from the media. So we then contacted Heron, they suggested they will be in the building from the end of November.


Floor: Concerns about parking and road safety - if there is increased traffic into the area to use the store – existing Heron customers may come to this store, bringing more cars into the area.

Cllr Myers: We really need to have a representative from Tesco here to answer some of these questions. So in their absence we will put these questions to Tesco and to Heron.


On the planning issue – the Corner House hasn’t been deemed to be a Building of Community Value, and this seems to be because the change of ownership went through very quickly. So they don’t need to do a change of use for the building, they can just begin operating. We will put together a media release about this and communicate with Tesco and with Heron.


Cllr Wells: If residents tell us their concerns we can put together a more coherent argument. Please contact the Community Involvement Officer if you have concerns.



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