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Neighbourhood working and ward budgets

Hear more about the ward budget of £48,013 and how it can be used to meet local needs.


Cllr Levene said that since the election the new administration has re-introduced the ward committee system way of working. This is comprised of three parts, the ward committee, being the residents here tonight, who will feed into the work the councillors do by letting them know what issues are important and what the ward priorities are; the ward team, and the devolved ward budgets.


The ward budget comprises of:


Pride in York fund                £6329 in 1st year, £12,658 thereafter

One off Pride in York fund£11,660

Community care fund         £4747          

Annual ward budget                        £9494

Highways                              £15,823


The ward are also being asked to identify savings from the grounds maintenance budget  in the ward - £8,675 in 2016/17 and £5,597 in 2017/18.


The Pride in York Funding this year also includes a one-off fund. This enables wards to commission projects and initiatives that improve the local environment. This funding can also be used to ‘top-up’ the grounds maintenance budget if that is what residents want.

Cllr Levene said that the community care fund  is not a lot of money and can be used to support the prevention or delay of people needing to access formal care packages, such as supporting social activities etc. 

The highways maintenance fund is for specific identified lighting and road/pavement/cycleways repairs or improvements in the ward. Residents are asked to use their local knowledge to identify these needs. Again the limited amount of this fund was noted. Cllr Levene said that this funding can be saved and used in future years.

Q. Are the various council officers supporting this work with advice etc. so that the funding can be used wisely?

A. yes, support will be available, but the views of residents will hopefully lead the decisions.


Residents were asked to sit in two groups with councillors and a CYC officer so that the funding can be discussed.


Views/concerns/issues included:


·         A resident wondered if this meeting could be held at the university in future to attract students.

·         That the pavement outside the Hull Road shops needed repair.

·         For more community events to be held in the park.

·         More student engagement.

·         Restrictions on the letting of housing.

·         Separated recycling bins, particularly around shops.

·         The need for new paving on the footpath on Tang Hall Lane and Hull Road.

·         Toy library.

·         Community cafe.

·         Meetings to be held in the pub to attract more people?

·         Debris and soil from Derwenthorpe development on Hull Road.

·         Weeds in Tang Hall, especially next to Derwenthorpe

·         Contrast between the two sides of Field Lane, 1 is pristine, the other isn’t

·         Pavements need re-surfacing in Badger Hill, especially the north side of Yarburgh Way

·         Hull Road – section of footpath between Green Dykes Lane and Tang Hall Lane – lots of leaves which never get cleared

·         The seat in Badger Hill play area has been removed, can it be replaced?

·         Badger Hill play area equipment is looking old and tired

·         Gully/drainage cleaning is a priority

·         Litter bins needed on Field Lane near the bus stops

·         Mess/litter around the Moore Avenue Bridge area

·         Flower bed on the corner of Green Dykes Lane/Thief Lane is unmaintained – could something be done with it, possibly an Edible York project?

Councillors will get more views on the budgets from residents to decide on how best to spend the ward budgets.

Joint working with Heworth councillors was also mentioned and a meeting with them has been arranged.

Cllr Barnes thanked everyone for their comments.



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