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Agenda item

Main Public Meeting

7:30pm to 9pm – Main Public Meeting


·         Community Safety Report

·         Ward Budget: have your say on how the funding is used and what the priorities for the ward should be

·         Youth Provision: Di Lambert (City of York Council) will give a talk on how to develop quality community activities and facilities

·         Community News and Open Floor: your opportunity to raise issues of local interest or concern


Welcome and Introductions


Councillor Keith Orrell welcomed everyone to the meeting and Councillor Chris Cullwick took the opportunity to introduce himself.  Apologies were received from Councillor Carol Runciman who unfortunately had a clash of official business.


Community Safety Report 


Report - PC Farrar provided an overview of crime, crime prevention and policing in the ward.


He reported that whilst there had been 66 reported incidents of anti-social behaviour (‘ASB’) in the Ward since 1st August 2015, these included a wide variety of nuisance behaviour, including the playing of football in the streets.  There had been 20 reported burglaries during the same time period, many of which were believed to be opportunists preying on vulnerable premises.  There had been 12 reported instances of auto crime, which included theft from vehicles, vehicle interference and stolen vehicles.  Again, these crimes were believed to be opportunistic.


Anti-Social Behaviour - The Police stated that ASB remained one of their priorities and, in response to a query, outlined some of the ‘tools’ at their disposal for dealing with such incidents, including logging offenders’ personal details, working closely with schools and teachers and also with the Council.  The meeting was also made aware of Operation Liberate which has been set up as an initiative to tackle ASB hotspots.


Following a query relating to ASB at licensed premises, the police advised residents to report such behaviour.


PCSO Pitchford provided contact details should anyone wish to discuss ASB in further detail.


Highway Weight Restrictions - In response to a query, the Police explained that the enforcement of weight restrictions on the highways is a Council responsibility.  Cllr Orrell commented that although relevant signage is in place, weight restrictions can be difficult to enforce.  


Ward Budget


As part of the Council’s approach to community engagement and neighbourhood working, it was explained that all Wards would now have more control of the money that they currently spend in their community. 

The budget for Huntington and New Earswick for 2015/16 totals £46,750 and is allocated across four funds:


·        Community Grants Fund

·        Community Care Fund

·        Pride in York Fund

·        Highways Fund


Highways Fund - The Highways budget is designed to fund local projects which are additional to those already included in the Council’s Highways Programme.  This Ward budget can be carried forward into another year in order to fund a more substantial project if deemed appropriate.  This is currently the only Ward fund which can be rolled forward in this way.

Community groups with ideas and suggestions are welcome to complete and submit the Ward Grant Application Forms for consideration.  Further details and/or clarification on the application/proposal process are available from Joe Ashton, Community Involvement Officer.

Email joe.ashton@york.gov.uk      Tel: 01904 552949


Youth Provision


Cllr Cullwick introduced Di Lambert who gave a presentation on providing quality community-based activities and facilities for young people, including sources of funding and resources available to support these.


Ms Lambert explained that historically youth provision had been a Council responsibility but that now communities were being encouraged to set up their own local provision.  Ms Lambert emphasised the need to support, engage and redirect the needs of young people, and explained how this would have a wider, positive impact on the whole community.


In response to a query, Ms Lambert explained that young people had been involved in the consultation process for youth provision in the City.  It was concluded that young people generally want somewhere (indoors) they can call their own, and where they can get access to advice and guidance.

It was suggested that the Orchard Park Community Centre could be opened up to young people on the evenings when it wasn’t otherwise in use, however, it was pointed out that there had been complaints in the past about youths using the Orchard Park area.

Cllr Crawford suggested that a cyber café, held in the Folk Hall, might meet the needs of the local youth community.  Di Lambert explained that there would be funds available to help support such a project and that there was a possibility that a youth worker could be employed to run it. 

AGREED – There was agreement that Ward awareness needed to be raised in terms of the youth provision resources available.

Di Lambert was thanked for her contribution to the meeting.


Community News/Open Floor


            New Earswick Parish Council – Councillor Don Crawford (Chair of New Earswick Parish Council) gave a short update on the work of New Earswick Parish Council, particularly highlighting many of the community groups and projects which have benefitted from the local Parish Council grant.

Red Lodge Development – In response to a number of queries regarding this development, Cllr Crawford explained that whilst it was inevitable there would be some opposition, the development was viewed as a necessary venture and that 24 of the 26 issues raised had already been both attended to and addressed.

In response to questions raised, it was explained that the proximity of Red Lodge to the Folk Hall was to integrate the new development into the centre of the community, creating a hub where people of all ages could mix.

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, which currently supports the Folk Hall, will continue to do so, especially with the extra costs associated with the new development.

Cllr Orrell thanked Cllr Crawford for his contribution to the meeting.

Huntington Parish Council – Councillor David Jobling (Vice Chair of Huntington Parish Council) gave a short update on the work of Huntington Parish Council, particularly highlighting its work in creating an extensive programme of children’s activities over the summer holidays. 

Di Lambert applauded these initiatives in supporting youngsters and young people.

Cllr Orrell thanked Cllr Jobling for his contribution to the meeting.

Open Floor - Thereafter a question and answer session took place during which the following issues were raised:

·        Potential traffic issues on Jockey Lane relating to the development of the Community Stadium.

·        Lack of Council recycling collection on routes designated as being on a ‘farm run’.

Action – Cllr Orrell agreed to investigate further.

·      Need for litter picking in the Monks Cross and Vanguard area.


Action – Joe Ashton to make enquiries.


·     Overhanging branches and dog fouling on the New Lane pathway alongside the cemetery – Cllr Orrell confirmed this matter is in hand with the Burial Board.

Date of the Next Meeting


Cllr Orrell thanked residents for their contribution to the meeting.

Whilst the date of the next meeting is to be confirmed, it is likely to take place in January 2016.  The date will be publicised within the Ward and sent directly to those residents who have provided their contact details.




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