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1.A resident complained about the overhanging bushes and trees on Aintree Court - Cllr Reid will report it.

2.The pavement has sunk on the footpath near Woodthorpe Shops.

Cllr A Reid will report it.

3.Cherry Lane surfacing –

One lady wanted to thank Dave Meigh for the surfacing work. Another resident wants a better surface. Since the Racecourse laid the running safety roadaround the race track many more people, children in particular, are using that route with bikes to get to school.   Cllr Reid will see if she can obtain more info for the next meeting.

WRITTEN RESPONSE FROM DAVE MEIGH FOLLOWING THE MEETING: This would be an issue for Andy Vose – cycle network.   

Some residents said that the gate always used to be closed. Is this possible in order to restrict vehicles using the lane? 

DAVE MEIGH RESPONSE: I am aware of a gate across the track not down the lane.  There would also be a displacement issue which might cause a bigger problem. 

4.Who came up with the timescales of the green bin collections? I didn’t get a letter or a timetable (Moor Lane/Tadcaster Road). Suggestions of the end of November is better for the final bin collection dates.

Kay Bailey to send issue through to the relevant dept.

5.No.12 bus – problem with it not turning up although another resident said it has improved.

6.Lendal Bridge trial closure – why can a taxi taking someone to the hospital not get fined and yet a resident going to hospital is fined?

Another resident asked why the Lendal Bridge decision didn’t go through Full Council.

Cllr Semlyen explained that how Full Council works and the limited time available which means that very few decisions actually go through Full Council apart from the Budget, Council Plan and some salary decisions. She said that the bridge scheme has benefitted public transport and First York have been positive. Residents were given the opportunity at the meeting to complete feedback forms for the Lendal Bridge trial.

7.The damaged railings at the top of St Helen’s Road where a lorry had knocked into them, have not been replaced. Cllr A Reid to report it.

WRITTEN RESPONSE FROM HIGHWAYS FOLLOWING THE MEETING –  the replacement panel is on order with the Blacksmiths, not able to confirm installation date at time of writing.

8. The issue of the bus shelter at Rougier Street was raised at a previous meeting and resident very pleased that its being replaced.

9. A resident asked about the Our Lady's School site.   The site is being sold for housing by the Diocese of Middlesbrough but the resident thought that it was originally part of Hob Moor and therefore is stray land. Cllr Reid to make enquiries.

WRITTEN RESPONSE FROM PROPERTY SERVICES FOLLOWING THE MEETING: The site was purchased separately in May 1945 from the Trustees of Dorothy Barlow - from whom the Council also purchased adjoining land for Housing. The Micklegate Stray Act was 1907, so it was never part of the original Stray.


10. There was a similar concern raised in relation to an area of land being fenced off to create a football pitch on the Knavesmire. Why are we giving land over to private use?

WRITTEN RESPONSE FROM DAVE MEIGH  and VICKY JAPES FOLLOWING THE MEETING: This is part of a football improvement project and yes it is permanent.The Knavesmire is still fully accessible. The pitches are junior 9v9 pitches, and are designed to be a home for junior football. The fences will have gates in them and full access will be allowed across them. The fences are there in an effort to prevent dog fouling and to protect the pitches for players use.


Also regarding current work taking place at the Racecourse is taking in some of the Knavesmire.  

WRITTEN RESPONSE FROM DAVE MEIGH FOLLOWING THE MEETING: An extra 1/3 acre of land is being transferred to them. It has been to the Cabinet Member – June / July and advertised in the press as per the regulations. Is this Stray land? Yes, Micklegate Stray is wholly owned by the Council and is permissible under our ownership – subject to the above process

11. A resident raised the issue about an inbound bus stop outside no 158 Moor Lane.   It is not a terminus and the residents at no 158 have no problem with the bus stop being there so long as the buses don’t wait.    If they have ever had a problem they have just rung First and it has been sorted.

Since the changes to the no 12 route there is now a bus stop on the opposite side of the road.   There are also more bus companies now running services along Moor Lane.   They are now finding that there are buses stopped at both stops at the same time meaning that traffic is stopped completely in both directions while the drivers chat to each other.    Cllr A Reid will forward the issue to the transport planning team to raise with First York.

12. Cllr Reid said she would chase up the request for a fold up seat to be installed at the bus shelter at Ryecroft Ave near the junction with Summerfield Rd.


Date of the next meeting is to be confirmed.







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