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Agenda item

Proposals for the re-development of the Sessions site


Jonathan Scott from Scotfield Group and Ben Smith from Ben Bailey homes gave a presentation on the proposals for a housing development on the Sessions site. The following points were noted:


4.1  Following the closure of Sessions in 2011 it is considered that residential

       housing is most obvious use for this brownfield site.  The owners of the

       land Scotfield Group appointed Ben Bailey homes to draw up proposals.


4.2  The proposals which were available for residents to view at the meeting

       outline 59 dwellings on the site with a range of two, three and four

       bedroom homes.


4.3  This meeting forms part of the public consultation to gain residents views 

       before submitting the planning application to City of York Council.


The following questions and comments were noted:


a)    Will the footbridge be opened up to connect the development to the nature reserve?

Response was given that the nature reserve is still owned by the Sessions family so it will not be opened up.


b)    Vegetation has already been cut down on the site.  Why has this been done before planning permission has been approved?

Response was given that vegetation and trees have been cut back on the North side of the site in consultation with City of York Council and the Drainage Board to maintain a free flowing of the river.


c)    Are you aware there are bats on the site?

Yes.  Ecology surveys are being done and the key time for this is May to October.


d)    There is no reference to the land drain on your map.

Response was given that this has been raised by Huntington Parish Council and work is being done with the Drainage Board and Yorkshire Water on a solution.  A drainage strategy is being put together.


e)    How are you going to stop people crossing over into the private land.

Response was given that a boundary will be needed to block access.


f)     There is going to be a big increase in the volume of traffic and the roads opposite will become rat runs.  What are you going to do about this?

Response was given that Ben Bailey homes has employed a highways consultant; a single point of access to the site is considered appropriate as well as implementing traffic calming measures. Sessions generated a high volume of traffic on this site with deliveries and staff and it is expected trip rates generated by a housing development would be less.


g)    Sessions delivery lorries were prohibited from travelling down some of the neighbouring streets so residents were not disturbed by this traffic.  This will not be the case with vehicles going to and from a housing estate.


h)   Congestion on Huntington Road has got worse since the chicanes were installed and it will get even worse if this development goes ahead.

Response was given that the chicanes are not ideal and alternative solutions will be looked at e.g. speed cushions.


i)     With 59 proposed houses in this development and more potential housing under the Local Plan proposals, there could be a big increase in families in the area, where are all the children going to go to school?

Response was given that the team are working with education officers to understand what the needs are.


j)      Have you considered parking issues?  There are already parking problems down the neighbouring residential streets.

Response was given that the development will provide parking for residents and visitor parking. 


k)    How many hectares is the site? 

Around 1.4-1.5


l)     How much of the housing will be affordable?

21%, 13 houses.



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