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Park and Ride

Following the recent government approval to support funding for the “Access York” plans, Tony Clarke, City Strategy, Capital Programme Manager will give an update.


Tony Clarke, City Strategy Capital Programme Manager presented information on the Park and Ride proposals.  The proposal is for two new Park & Ride sites, one at Poppleton and one at Askham Bar.  The consultation period will run through February with construction in early 2013.


The Askham Bar site will be relocated nearer tot he A64, will have 1100 parking spaces, have a new bus only link, retain the existing bus stops and have new Park & Ride access.


The consultation for the Askham Bar Highway works will be undertaken through a staffed exhibition at Park & Ride on 14th February between 8.00am and 7.00pm and displays in libraries, Tesco and York College.


Comments need to be received by 24 February 2012 and a final design will be presented to April 2012 Decision Session for approval.


The consultation for the Poppleton Bar Highway Works is taking place between 6th February and 2nd March.  It will take the  form of a Special Rural West Ward Committee Meeting at the Poppleton Centre on Thursday 16th February, 7.00pm, a staffed exhibition at All Saints Church Hall on 10th February, 8.00am to 7.00pm with displays in Poppleton Library and Garden Centre.


There are two websites for more information




or email accessyork@york.gov.uk


The following questions were raised:


Q. The Askham Bar Site, is this a relocation or an addition


A.This is a relocation of the existing site.  The current site is due to be sold   when the relocation is complete.


Q.Has there been any traffic modelling to assess the impact of traffic flow from the A64


A. It has been modelled to ensure maximum flow of traffic


Q. Multiple traffic lights would increase congestion and delays throughout most of the day, travelling ion or out of the City


A. The roundabout approach has changed as stacking capacity for traffic travelling out of the City could not be achieved.

The traffic lights will be adjusted to take into account traffic flow (peak times)


Q. Have the racecourse and other special events been taken into account?


A. There will be more capacity than currently which should ease any problem rather than making it worse.


Q. In the traffic modelling were the tailbacks on the A64 taken into account?


A. The junction capacity will accommodate the traffic


Q.  There is a concern that traffic will back up onto the main duel carriageway


A. The junction will allow better traffic flow than the existing junction


Q. Has there been an Environmental Impact Assessment?


A.These are undertaken as part of the application, it showed a reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions and a benefit to air quality in York.


Q. What will be the impact when the vacant site is sold?


A.Any impact will be assessed when a planning application is submitted after the land is sold.


Q.Is it absolutely necessary?


A.The junction is necessary to enable cars to access the Park & Ride.  The Park & Ride will have the capacity to expand in future the existing site has no options for expansion.


Q.The crossing outside the college causes delays for traffic, could there be an over road bridge?


A.The crossing is for safety reasons. A bridge could be considered although bridges tend not to be used and are unsightly.


Q. Crossing the road needs to be taken into account as it causes problems


A this is not within the scope of this scheme


Q.What assumptions were made about the sale of the existing site?


A.Not aware of any assumption but the information should be available on the City of York website.



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