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York West Site

Sue Houghton will give an update on the York West site


Sue Houghton, Major Development Projects and Initiatives, gave an update presentation around the British Sugar site.


The Local Development Framework core strategy planning submission will go to planning inspectorate on 14th February.  There will then be an examination in public in May/June.  Hopefully York will then have a document adopted.  The British Sugar Site has a strategic allocation in the document.


A report, based on previous consultation (more than 1,000 comments were received) will be presented to the LDF working group on March 5th and will go to Planning Committee on March 22nd.


A revised report will be taken to Cabinet on 3rd April which will set the guidance for master planning.


The master planners have an agreement with City of York Council and Associated British Foods to produce a comprehensive scheme for the British Sugar and former Manor School sites.


The timescale and programme is still to be agreed


There is a desire to set up a Community Forum based on the Forum for the Terry’s and Nestle sites which will be tailored to the needs of the community.


Jacquie Dale, Director of Housing and Community Services, Joseph Rowntee Foundation has agreed to be the independent chair.  She has extensive experience of working with communities, particularly around sustainability and sustainable communities.


The focus of the forum will need to be those living directly adjacent to the site and those who might be directly affected by the development.  There would also be representatives from local organisations with a maximum number of 20 or 25.


The suggestions proposed were: Nether Poppleton Parish Council; Schools; Sovereign Park Residents Association, Churches.


There would be a responsibility for representatives to feedback to their organisation.


The following questions were raised:


Q.      As the LDF which incorporates this site needs approving, if this is delayed will it hold up the work?


A.      No, if the core strategy is not adopted the work can still go ahead.


Q.      If the inspector disagreed with the core strategy would there be an effect?


A.      This could have an effect but objections are not anticipated.


Q.      As the site falls within three wards, Acomb Rural West and Holgate would the Community Forum have representation from all wards?


A.      The Community Forum would have representatives from Nether and Upper Poppleton Parish Councils as well as from Millgates, Langholme Drive, Plantation Drive and Sovereign Park etc.

The Community forum would only be one aspect of the consultation process which will be put into place.  There will be many different opportunities for residents to get information.


Q.      The Examination in Public, will this be held in York?


A.      Yes, people will be able to register to speak, it will be open to anyone who chooses to go.  It should last 3 or 4 days.


Q.      Global provide useful events and activities for the ward, will they be on site for much longer?


A.      Their tenancy is due to finish on March 31st.  They are being encouraged to find new premises .  Some of the trees on the site have now have Tree Preservation Orders.


Q.      What is the balance of the benefit to the City and the benefit to local people of this site?


A.      The benefit to the City is more affordable housing and the benefit to local people is the integration of local people with the new development, new community facilities etc.




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