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Parking Issues

Representatives from City of York network management, York University and York University Students Union will talk about parking in the ward and listen to your concerns and issues.


4.1 Councillor Richard Cregan handed over the position of Chair for this item of the agenda to Kate Bowers – Head of the Neighbourhood Management Unit.


4.2 Head of Network Management for the City of York Council David Carter started by advising residents that they were aware of some of the issues that the residents have been experiencing and that these are not simply being ignored but that further surveys and consequences need to be considered before taking long term solution actions.


4.3 The first issue that was addressed was that of vehicles parking on pavements without leaving enough room for wheelchairs and push chairs to get through. PCSO Thomas Elliot advised that in this situation they can issue a ticket IF the vehicle is causing an immediate obstruction and that recently tickets have been issued on Deremere Drive, Field Lane and Lowfield Drive amongst others.


4.4 The idea of resident parking was discussed with residents questioning if they were now entitled to free resident parking since the new University expansion had brought more traffic to the area, it was felt that this was something that was promised at the time. Residents were advised by Jon Meacock, Director of Estates and Campus Services at the University, that the University would work with the Council to help local residents if the surveys come back state that the traffic had increased by more than 20%. David Carter explained that this though does not neceseraly meen resident parking spaces as this can create further problems such as moving the parking problems further along to the next streets.


4.5 Jon Meacock explained to residents that further developments to the University meen creating 150 extra parking spaces at one site and a further 200 parking spaces at Sports Village by 2012. Residents felt that whilst this may meen more parking availiable could create further traffic and more students bringing cars to York in the first place.


4.6 The residents were keen to here what measures are put in place by the University and the Students Union to prevent students from bringing their cars to York in the first place. Jon Meacock told residents that the University have arranged extra subsidised buses, encourage cycling and charge for the use of car parking spaces at the University. Residents just felt that this meant that the students would rather park on the highway and stretts of Badger Hill for free rarther than pay for parking at the University. Tim Ngwena, Student Union President pointed out a number of measures that they go through to advise students not to bring a car to university in the first place. These included advising them they do not need a car as a student in York, telling them about various bus services availiable, creating an online database for students to be able to arrange lift sharing when travelling around the country, regular £10 bike sales and a 20p door to door mini bus service just for students. Tim Ngwena also pointed out that there are a number of students who have dependants and so is understandable that they would need a car, as well as student nurses that need to do a lot of travelling. It was also pointed out that as many students are living out in the community they would be entitled to use a car as much as a long-term resident and that that right should be observed.


4.7 Residents outlined a lot of the problem comes down to the fact that there are so many Houses of Multiple Occupancy in the area which leads to more than one car to a house hold. Jon Meacock told residents of plans for a further 650 on campus accomodation to reduce this problem.


4.8 A resident who drives their children to school in the area wanted to know how a potential resident parking zone would affect 10 minute drop offs and temporary parking, it was explained that these are usually looked at and a certain period of drop off time is alowed.


4.9 These points were summarised by the Chair Kate Bowers and the item was brought to a close with the meeting handed back over to Councillor Richard Cregan.



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