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Local Improvement Schemes

The final list of proposed local improvement schemes will be discussed and decided.


A general discussion took place about the Provisional List of Local Improvement schemes 2011/2012 that were published in the Jan 2011 edition of Your Ward. A resident asked why the votes were not on the list.  The votes are not automatically put in but can be obtained from the Neighbourhood Management Unit, Kristina will email the resident with the votes, and we will look into do this for next time.

Q. How are the current planting schemes going as they had noticed there were gardening schemes for 2011-12.

A. The planting had gone well, no current concerns. Cllr A D’Agorne will send out a report soon.

Q. What is FS-11-21.

A. This is a scheme from York In Transition to help cut the carbon footprint of the city. Working with the energy saving trust.  


The list of schemes approved for funding in 2011/12 subject to the schemes being legal, feasible and within budget.






Continuation of the kerbside garden waste collections



Six times per year for streets that don’t already receive



Fortnightly collections.



Grant to Older Citizen’s Advocacy York for their continued work in the ward and the city.



Grant to Young People’s services for 2 detached youth workers to work one evening a week in the Fishergate Ward to build positive relationships with young people.



Grant to Street Sports York for another 10 varied sport sessions for young people in Fishergate.



Grant to Active York towards the Fund for the Gifted, which supports talented young athletes with grants towards training and equipment.



Investigate the possibility of setting up a community orchard in the Fishergate/Fulford Ings area.



Grant to Sustrans to contribute towards the cost of a ranger to maintain the Sustrans routes in the ward.



Young People’s community chest to provide activities & events for people throughout the year.



Fund to contribute towards a project to inform and encourage property owners to adapt their houses to cut energy use.



Grant to Age Concern York for a monthly toenail cutting service in local venues.



Identify suitable public spaces in Fishergate and grow edible plants in them.



Set up free fruit and nut tree voucher scheme for local businesses, schools, community groups etc. 






Continue voucher scheme for free fruit and nut trees to residents.



Fund to purchase prizes for winners of the Fishergate in Bloom competition 2011/12



Grant to York Youth Council to contribute funding towards a city centre young people’s building.



Investigate whether the Danesgate Orchard could be extended into the mast field.



Fund to install a new notice board in the ward.



Install bigger planters and flowers outside Fishergate shops and around the post box to deter vandals.



Grant to CYC Inclusive Arts team (in partnership with York Housing Association) to work with residents of Auden House. Work will be exhibited in the public café.



Fund to pay for a Swap Shop event for residents to swap their unwanted seeds, toys.clothes and accessories.



Fund to repair damaged verge and kerbside and install bollards on Fulford Cross.



Continue to fund free cotton ‘shop local’ bags for ward residents to discourage the use of plastic bags.























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