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Former British Sugar/Manor School Sites Update

Feedback on planning consultation and an update on where we are. Sue Houghton, City of York, York Central Project Manager.


Apologies were given from Associated British Foods


Dave Caulfield and Sue Houghton gave an overview update on the development plan for the former British Sugar and Manor School sites, including the following points:


  • The boundary of the area for development includes both British Sugar and former Manor School sites with the total area of 41.3 ha.
  • A master plan for the area is being prepared by consultants for Associated British Foods. The master plan will show the broad layout of the development, which will include the location of access arrangements for both the former British Sugar and former Manor School sites.
  • The development is likely to be phased over 10-15 years. It is unlikely that development will start on site until at least 2012.
  • The site is likely to include local shopping and community facilities. The properties will include family housing and affordable housing. The new development will also need to provide open space.
  • There are two existing access points into the former British Sugar site – one on Millfield Lane and one on Plantation Drive. The existing access point to the former Manor School site is on Low Poppleton Lane. The scale of the proposed development means that there will need to be new access points to ensure that it is adequately served. The Consultation Draft identifies two possible options to provide new access for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. One option is to provide a new access via the former Civil Service Sports Ground onto Boroughbridge Road. The other option is to provide a new access via the former Manor School site onto Boroughbridge Road. The access through Ouseacres alongside the Railway lines will also be considered. The precise location and position of these options will need to be considered within the master planning stage of work.
  • The existing trees and areas of landscape value will be retained within the new development. If it is proposed that any of these trees are to be removed, the developer will need to give clear reasons for this and show that other options have been considered. In addition, new tree planting will need to be carried out as part of the proposed development.
  • Sustainability of the development is a top priority. A sustainable development is one, which minimises its impact on the world’s resources and climate change.


The recent consultation generated a range of comments, the majority of which concerned issues of access, traffic, open space, trees, leisure facilities, affordable housing and new employment opportunities. There was support for a wide range of community facilities and for sustainable travel options including tram train.  A full summary of responses will be taken to councillors (through the LDF Working Group) as soon as possible and will be made publicly available.


The next step is to report back on the consultation during Summer 2011, then the draft Supplementary Planning Document will be revised and agreed in Autumn 2011.


The following questions were raised:


Q         How many residents were consulted and how was the decision of who to consult arrived at?


A         The consultation documents were sent to all residents on our database, we also consulted residents living on both sides of Boroughbridge Road and all properties between Boroughbridge Road and the BSC/Old Manor School sites.  We advertised the consultation in the local press and via posters which were distributed to community facilities and libraries.


Q         The consultation should have been wider, most of the area which has been consulted is made  up of green fields.


A         We distributed the consultation leaflets to the areas we thought the redevelopment of the former British Sugar and Manor School sites would impact on the most.  The feedback from tonight’s meeting will also be included.


Q         Will the Former Civil Service Sports Ground be included in the redevelopment?


A         There are no proposals for the redevelopment of this area, although there is the possibility that one of the access routes may be routed through the area.


Q         How many comments have been received from this consultation?


A         As we have extended the consultation period to cover this round of Ward committee meetings we do not have the complete data as yet. A usual return is around 10%. The quality of the responses we have received so far is very good; highlighting the key issues


Q         What is the timescale for the development to be accomplished?


A         The redevelopment will be undertaken in phases with the complete development taking 10 to 15 years.


Q         As the site includes the former Manor School should this building be maintained rather than demolishing it and building a new school?


A         There is provision of a primary school within the proposal, but no suggestion that a secondary school will be needed.



Q         There has been no mention of open spaces which are very important.


A         We are very clear that there must be provision of green space within the site.  There is a clear policy regarding the amount of green space which must be provided dependant on the number of properties built.  The developer will need to adhere to the policy.


Q         Have ABF undertaken similar developments previously


A         They have developed a similar scheme in Peterborough. It is of a high quality and Peterborough Council are very happy with it.


Q         Will the development worsen traffic congestion on the A59 at peek times?


A         The development will have traffic implications, we are investigating the different options available.


Q         ABF as Canadian company with a focus on profit. There is the potential for them to look to save money wherever possible. If this happens the development will suffer.


A         A fair point which will be noted.


Q         Would you be able to restrict the number of new houses if the impact on traffic is too high?


A         If the impact is too huge we can restrict the number of new houses.



If you would like to submit suggestions please do so on the form provided.


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