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Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team

Phil Cain, the new ward inspector will update you on what the safer neighbourhood team have done in the area and answer any questions you have.


3. Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team


New inspector Phil Cain was introduced to everyone and PCSO Louise Harness gave an update on the last quarter of the year.


3.1 Update on the changes to the team. New inspector for York South Safer Neighbourhood Team Phil Cain.


3.2 Statistics for the ward shows increase in the garages breaks-in in July and August.Team is trying to gather information’s from local residents to prevent the crime.


3.3 Operation plan against anti-social behaviour is giving results,  there was a massive drop of the anti social behaviour  over the summer.


3.4 Issue with unclear road signs along Tadcaster Road foot/cycle path to be addressed with the Council.


3.5 Work continues across the ward, for example: funding for security alarms and shed alarms, recognising new hot spots in the ward and patrolling those areas more often.


3.6 Positive results: burglar in Dringhouses was caught in the property while committing crime and as a outcome was sent out to jail for 6 years.


3.7 Speeding problems: residents were informed that if there are any issues they should contact Police, so the problems can be dealt with.


Residents were given opportunity to raise questions.


Q-        Do burglars use keys to break into garages? Some seem to gain entry without causing damage.

A-        It depends, old type locks can be opened with screwdriver. We do recommend extra padlock on the garage doors .


Q-        There is a problem with 8-11 years old playing football on the road and throwing stones at passing cars, it is getting worse over the last three months. Those children’s are not respecting traffic and people who are using the road. It happens after school between 4 and 7 pm.

A-        We can address the issue with the local school and increase the patrols in the area. We need talk to parents regarding that issue, it may be affecting those children’s safety as well.


Q-        What about drivers who use mobile phones while driving a car and not concentrating on driving? Have the driving standards improved or went worse?

A-            PCSO’s have no power to stop the vehicle. We can call for back up or approach drivers in stationary traffic. The road policing team specialise in dealing with those type of issues.If you have complaint about  speeding, please contact traffic management unit so they can take actions. There is specific form which can be found on the Council website, 95 Alive, if you fill it in and send back to us we can then take action.


Q-        There is a problem with people parking their cars half on the road and half on the foot path on Bramble Dene. Busses cannot go through and people cannot walk along the path.

A-        We can come down and have a look and assess the situation. We can send reminder letter to offenders warning that if there will be no improvement they will be liable for a fine for obstruction.


Q-        Speed signs on Tadcaster Road, how is that progressing?

A-        This needs looking into, as the signs are costly and the data has to be there to support the proposal.


Q-            Blocking yellow boxes by vehicles, are Police taking actions?

A-        We can react only when we have evidence. If there is an issue please fill the form, we will then investigate and try to solve the issue.


Q-            Speeding issue on the Tadcaster Road, is there anything happening about that?

A-        The traffic management unit are looking at this, as complaints and information come through action will be taken.


Q-            Cyclists using mobile, is that offence?

A-        No, strictly speaking it is not. Advise is given where appropriate.


Q-    People on skate boards using the road, what can be done about that?

A-    We can advise them and warn them if their behaviour is inappropriate.


3.8Inspector Phil Cain introduced himself to residents and gave brief feedback on his plans for the future of the team. Priorities are to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. The team will be knocking on known criminals doors, to making them aware that we are aware of their activity.


Q-            Ongoing problem at Chapman’s Pond, young children’s are getting worse, their language is getting worse, they are 12-16 years old kids.

A-        We are aware of that, team is investigating anti-social behaviour issues. If you have a problem please contact us, we have a system in place and will deal with the issues.


Q-        What help and support are you getting from schools? It seems that you need more and more help from local authority.

A-        We are asking for volunteers to be involved in neighbourhood watch and are looking for as much help as we can get, that includes education at schools. We are pushing for more schemes and are identifying more gaps. Neighbourhood watch is there to assist and educate, not to confront people.


Q-        What is the number to ring if the offence in not major?

A-            Please call our non emergency number 0845 60 60 247.


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