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2011-2012 Local Improvement schemes

This is your chance to tell people about any schemes you have suggested an to get more information about schemes you support. The deadline for letting us know which schemes you support is 28th October.


Scheme 1   At the moment there is fencing around 7/8 of the village green and the grant will complete the fencing which is designed to reduce the encroachment of vehicles on the village green.


Scheme 3 – It was explained that there is no Stop sign on the exit of Gillingwood Road. This is a new development and it is not clear who has the right of way. There is a play area adjacent to the junction and this has been suggested to make sure that the play area is safe.


Scheme 5 - Carl Shepherd, Street Sports York, told the meeting that they have £4,000 to do £50,000 worth of work which is why they are requesting a grant from the Ward Committee. They can offer ten sessions for £1,980. The sessions can be either mobile sports, a skate park or the 7 metre high climbing wall. They have added archery onto the list of sports they train which included football and cricket.


Clifton Without Parish Council has paid for some sessions and these are very well attended.


Scheme 8 – York Youth Council was begun last October and has been going for about a year. When it was set up young people were asked about their issues. The two most important ones were somewhere safe for young people to meet and to hold a festival to show young people in a positive light.


They held the festival in June and have been campaigning to get a building. A building has been identified on Fossgate which isn’t on a pub crawl and will be safe. The Youth Council has already raised £74,000 but they need to raise another £71,000 which is why they’ve applied to all Ward Committees for funding. Because of the way the bus system works, most young people meet their friends in the city centre so it will benefit young people from every ward. They are also trying to raise the money themselves through things like being the nominated charity for school non-uniform days.  Rawcliffe Parish Council has already pledged £500.


The building will be run by a full-time manager with a team of volunteers who will all be trained and CRB checked.


The young people of York have wanted a place to meet for a long time – there was a youth café on the site that Oscars now uses and it was always well attended and there were never any complaints form locals about the young people.


Scheme 12 – There used to be a seat on the corner of Alwyne Drive but this was so badly vandalized that it had to be removed for safety reasons. It has been resubmitted by Rawcliffe Parish Council on behalf of residents who would like a seat there.


Scheme 14 – This scheme is for the bus stop on the A19 rather than in front of the Mitre Pub. This is for residents waiting for buses from Easingwiold to the city centre.


Scheme 15 – This is for the area along the A19 from Fairfields Drive to the Blacksmiths Arms. It looks unkempt at the moment and needs to be tidied up.


Scheme 16 –Rawcliffe Recreation Association has concentrated its efforts on a scheme to provide proper drainage for the field.  It is seeking a contribution towards redecorating the hall.


Scheme 17 – As part of the Travel to School Plan for the new primary school a ‘Park and Stride’ route has been developed along the edge of the recreation field, a little distance from the boundary. It would mean the removal of three trees. This grant would cover the cost of replacing them elsewhere on the field.


Scheme 18 – In addition to supplying additional salt bins to bring the number in the ward to 12 additional bins there are also plans to have large bags of salt available in case of severe weather. Residents were also asked to advise of locations where they thought salt bins/bags should be located in bad weather.


Scheme 19 – More information is required about where the salt bins would be and where the trees should be planted as well as a breakdown of costs.


Scheme 22 – A new cemetery has been opened in Skelton by the Bishop of Selby. It is an unusual event and Skelton would like to have a stone-mounted plaque.


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