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Cycling City

Graham Titchener, Cycling City Programme Manager, will give an update on the city’s plans to improve and develop facilities for cyclists and get more people cycling.


Graham Titchener, Cycling City Programme Manager, spoke about the Department for Transport’s Cycling City initiative and what this means for the city of York.


The following points were noted:


3.1             The programme provides funding of around £8 million to improve cycling conditions in the city and to encourage more people to take it up. The programme ends in March 2011.

3.2             Graham Titchener’s contact details: e-mail cycling.city@york.gov.uk phone York 551495.

3.3       Some of the major plans include improvements to Clifton Bridge, Blossom Street and Fulford Village.

3.4       This is a York programme, not a council programme; though the council is involved.

3.5            Information on how the money will be spent will be circulated to all households for the end of May.


Residents made the following comments:


a)     Some older people have never learned to ride a bike. Lots of money has been spent on cycling, but there has been insufficient research into where cycling lanes are placed. There should be an emphasis on reducing the number of cars.

a.     We are running training sessions specifically for the over 50s, disabled people and families. It is hoped that the number of cars on the road will be reduced as a result of this initiative.

b)     The road conditions are a serious deterrent to cycling.

a.     We will be improving the road margins as part of the programme.

c)      CYC is anti-car. Route 66 (Sustrans track) is very dangerous; muggings have occurred along it.

a.     Infrastructure needs to be improved along the route. Lighting is due to be installed at some point. Not sure about the CYC being anti-car; only heard in press. Council only wants to encourage people to cycle or walk when possible.

d)     There have been problems with continuing maintenance  following capital  spending in the past.  White markings have faded in some areas. What happens in 2 years time when money runs out?

a.     Improvements will be made to cycle markings. Not sure what will happen in 2 years time.

e)     Cycling conditions in York have improved dramatically from 20 years ago. Pot holes and poor lighting are still problems though. Cycle lanes on roads sometimes disappear.

a.     Lines are being put down at Walmgate for cycle lanes. We need cyclists’ opinions on where the danger spots are.

f)        Is there sufficient money in the pot to be able to do all that is necessary?

a.     Could spend hundreds of millions and still not have everything perfect. However, there is money for 3 infrastructure projects and also for soft measures.

g)     Clarence St is dangerous where the bus stops. Also, can we get cycle racks at City Screen?

a.     Suggest waiting for bus to make its stop on Clarence St. City Screen area is church property, and they haven’t allowed cycle racks in the past. However, they are prepared to discuss it again, so hopefully there will be progress.

h)      Can councillors commit to funding beyond two years?

a.     Cycling City is match funded by CYC. Are hopeful that money can be spent after that.


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