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Q.        What’s happened about the British Sugar site?

A.             Someone from the British Sugar site was invited to the meeting, but no one could attend. The councillor has been assured by Bill Wooley, the director of City Strategy, that someone will come to the next meeting. Demolition is not subject to planning, so the council can only take action on certain issues. There is a campaign underway to have the area designated an eco-site, which would speed up funding for redevelopment. More information will be available at the next meeting.


Q.        There are traffic problems at the junction of Beckfield Lane and Boroughbridge Road. On Sunday there is hardly any traffic, but the temporary traffic lights are causing traffic problems.

A.             Temporary traffic lights are not run off a computer like main traffic lights. Residents often voice concern about light sequences, and if there’s anything wrong with permanent lights we’ll follow it up.


Q.        Could they do testing on the traffic lights at the new school?

A.        The school cannot open until proper facilities are in place and working. Testing would delay the school.


Q.        What will happen to the old Manor School site?  

A.        The young people have been consulted and would like to keep the green space available for use. The suggestions were passes to the council and need to wait for a report. The school would have to be made secure. We believe we won’t lose any of the green area. In an open space study conducted across the city, taking into account population and open spaces, Acomb came out badly. When it comes to the planning application for the site, this will be evidence to support the green area. In addition all the trees have tree protection as they are a particular variety of Sweet Chestnut.


Q.        Given that the school will be open at Easter, when will there be a decision about the site?

A.        It will come before the council and there will be an opportunity for people to speak in support.


Q.        Is it true that the council are looking at letting?

A.        The councillors are not aware of this. Councillors have asked for the tennis courts to be made available. The main issue is security – how might it be possible to use part of the site.


Q.        Can I write to somebody about it?

A.        The Chief Executive of the Council, Bill McCarthy.


Q.        What will happen to the building?

A.        It will be the legal duty of the authority to secure the building. It has to be secure on grounds of liability.


Q.        Is there CCTV on the building?

A.        The councillors can find that out.


Q.        We live opposite the school and during the holidays we had to call the police as we caught people taking lead off the roof.

A.        This is the best way to tackle these issues. Once they identify that something is happening, they hotspot an area and target their patrols there.


Q.        When they put the portakabins in they had to remove the entrance – will they restore it?

A.        The councillors have been assured that the site will be secured, there will be security on site.


Q.        Will they have to pay someone for that?

A.        That’s what they promised originally.


Q.        Is there a new law that you can’t leave a building empty for more than two years?

A.        No.


Q.        Could they put the council offices in there?

A.        It’s not big enough, there are far too many people at the council. It would be great to use it for community facilities but it depends on funding.


Q.        When the new school is open, will there be facilities there?

A.        Yes, but also lots of pupils. If all went to plan we would have a community house that could hold meetings, etc. it is hoped that British Sugar will deliver some of these facilities It could provide a base for Future Prospects, advocacy people, etc. We need somewhere in the community.


Q.        What’s happening in the Millfield Hospital area? The trees with bat boxes at Poppleton Gate House were protected.

A.        That will be a planning condition.

Q.        Can we get someone from development control?


Q.        Any news on when Sovereign Park will be adopted by the council?

A.        We investigated drawings and legal agreements over the summer, which we accessed through the Freedom of Information Act. We tried to get a meeting with Barretts and Simmons, but we don’t have a firm date yet. The meeting about the roads is happening soon.


Q.        Can we get some lights on the bollards?

A.        We can get that looked at. According to the drawings certain things should be in place and they are still not right.


Q.        Can Sainsbury’s deliver late at night, at 10pm? The traffic causes a lot of noise.

A.        If they are breaking laws we can do something.


Q.        Can we get footpaths on Garbutt Grove?

A.        It took a long time to get the road alone. Cul de sacs are not a high priority.


Q.        It has deteriorated in recent weather.

A.        We’ll look into it.


Q.        The greenery from the house on the corner of Beckfield Lane takes over the footpath.

A.        The council can write to private householders to ask them to trim their hedge.


Q.        Is Beckfield Lane tip going to be moved?

A.        In principle it should be moved because it’s surrounded by residential areas. But it would be necessary to find another accessible location.


Q.        Have you heard more about Park & Ride?

A.        The bidding process is going on and different options are being considered for Wigginton Road, Askham Bar, and A59 Boroughbridge Road. According to studies, if Park & Ride is located outside the ringroad, it has 20% less usage as drivers will not turn away from town.


Q.        What about trams?

A.        It’s part of the development of the British Sugar site.


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