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Discussion of Local Scheme suggestions


The chair, Irene Waudby announced that there were two additional schemes that the Ward Committee will consider, They both came from Clifton Without Parish Council and had been missed off the ballot list due to an administrative error. They are a grant to install a bus shelter on Rawcliffe Lane at a cost of £5,000 and a grant to refurbish the bus shelter on Green Lane for £1,000.


Cllr. Waudby and Cllr. Moore declared their interest in the schemes submitted by Rawcliffe Parish Council as they are members.


The first schemes to be discussed were number 4 and number 30 on the ballot – a grant to Rawcliffe Parish Council to erect a fence on the boundary of Rawcliffe Recreation Field at two sites. The Parish Council have been looking at the scheme to replace the old fencing to increase safety and security and to stop people getting onto the site when they shouldn’t. The stile at Staindale Close will be replaced by a kissing gate.


A parish councillor from Clifton Without declared that the parish council did not support scheme number 8 – the installation of a bus shelter at Malton Way and Shipton Road.


Scheme 15 – A bench near the Scout Hut on Green Lane. A representative of Clifton Without Parish Council said that they’d put in more ambitious schemes which seem to have been trimmed. Comment was made about the allocation of schemes on the ballot paper and that the parish councils had not been involved in determining what schemes went on the ballot paper.


Scheme 16 – A bench near Clifton Moor Church and Community Centre.

Where is the bench going to be? That is a good question, if it gets support and it is approved we will consult with people as to where it should be.


Scheme 19 – the height restriction bar to prevent unauthorised access to Rawcliffe Recreation Field. This has been suggested to stop travellers getting onto the site as they have done recently.


Scheme number 20 – installation of bollards at the South side of Howard Drive/Shipton Road. A resident asked how much has already been spent on this. The response was that there aren’t any bollards there at the moment. The problem has been that since the installation of bollards at Manor Lane the problem has relocated to Howard Drive.

This is only a suggestion and an opportunity for people to comment on schemes. The only offence would be causing damage to public property, if that happens people should call 551551 to report it immediately.


Scheme 24 – The notice board at the junction of Fylingdales Avenue and Shipton Road – It was pointed out that the board would serve a wide area not just the estate.


Scheme 25 – a grant to Skelton Village Hall to provide events for the elderly - was supported and it was mentioned that a ward committee grant had been used to completely refurbish the hall, including installing a new floor and access ramps. The cost of these had been match funded by Skelton Parish Council.


Scheme 26 – a grant to Clifton Without and Rawcliffe Allotment Association – it was asked why there was a £300 increase from the grant in the current year? The reply was that the cost of skips had gone up and that it had already cost the association more than half the grant for the current year on 3 skips alone.


Scheme 28 – A grant to Rawcliffe Recreation Association to drain, level and re-seed Rawcliffe Recreation Field. The grant requested was only a small part of the total of the whole scheme. They were asking for a grant of £5,000 but the whole scheme would cost £130,000. The association would provide £70,000 of the cost and has already got grants from other organisations for the rest of the amount.


A resident went on to ask about the voting and asked if schemes would be approved even if they voted against them. They were told that it would depend on the number of votes across the ward and the decision of the councillors.


A resident remarked that they were feeling disenfranchised. They asked if the percentage of the pot relating to Clifton Without based on population (approx. 40%) be earmarked for their requirements. The councillors replied that the ward budget was given to the whole ward and that is how they would deal with it.


Scheme 31 – a grant to York and District Citizens Advice Bureau and Credit Union Partnership. It was explained that the Credit Union were expanding their services. It had launched in 2006 and offered a fortnightly advice service. They wanted to increase access to their services and get more staff.


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