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Safer Neighbourhood Team


Insp. Mark Iveson and Sgt. Donna Musgrove introduced the team and explained that they would leave after their presentation to continue on patrol.


A comment was made to thank the police and to say that they are more visible and many people see the team patrolling.


Insp. Mark Iveson, the new Inspector for the area, introduced himself and told the meeting about his background. He has 23 years experience as a police officer in York. He started on foot patrol in the City and them spent 10 year in the traffic division. He was one of the investigating officers into the Selby rail crash. He served with the National Intelligence Model and was a Detective Inspector in Harrogate. He is now back as a uniformed Inspector. The areas he’s responsible for are the North West of the City, Skelton, Rawcliffe and Clifton Without Ward, Haxby and Wigginton, Strensall and New Earswick Ward, Heworth, Bell Farm, Tang Hall and Hull Road.


The crime figures for the area are good there is a general downward trend. To be realistic in the current economic climate there may be some increases but there have been reductions for the past 5 years. Overall crime is down 34% but these reductions may be difficult to maintain. North Yorkshire Police has to target resources where they are needed and some resources may come in from other divisions if crime rates rise.


Q. Does anti-social behaviour come under crime?

A. It depends on what it is. If it involves criminal behaviour or breaches of the peace it does. Graffiti is criminal damage but each case of anti-social behaviour has to be considered separately.


North Yorkshire Police does have monthly meetings of thematic groups where each area is looked at. One of these groups is concerned with anti-social behaviour and the force does take it seriously.


Q. Did the bad weather over summer have an effect on the 34% reduction?

A. I don’t have the crime figures for previous years to hand. I think that the increase in PCSOs, patrols and higher visibility will have more of a bearing.


There are 3 teams in the area and 2 officers from each team ride cycles this means that an officer can respond to incidents extremely quickly and visibly.


Q. I’ve heard that the latest shift for PCSOs ends at 10pm.

A. At the moment it is but work is being done to extend it to midnight. People in post currently will have to be canvassed to see if they’re willing to do it. But all of the team are very committed and often ask to work beyond their hours on a voluntary basis.


From February next year the shift pattern will change to 3 days off rather than the 4 taken off under the current shift pattern. At the moment the team is based in Fulford Police Station but soon it will move to Clifton Moor Police Station which means the shift will start and finish in the area it serves. This will improve the level of service. The team is already taking breaks at Rawcliffe Rec. and at some of the schools in the area. There will be a computer link at Clifton Moor Police Station so paperwork can be done there rather than at Fulford Road.


Q. What about bikes with no lights?

A. We do have a campaign to stop that.


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