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Public Participation

At this point in the meeting members of the public who have registered their wish to speak regarding an item on the agenda or an issue within the Panel’s remit can do so. Anyone who wishes to register or requires further information is requested to contact the Democracy Officer on the contact details listed at the foot of this agenda. The deadline for registering is Friday 5 December 2008 at 5.00 pm.


It was reported that there had been a number of registrations to speak at the meeting under the Council’s Public Participation Scheme however two registered speakers had now withdrawn.


Mr P Kirton referred to the proposals for the Holly Bank area traffic regulation order and in particular to the new route taken by the No 16 First York bus, which a number of residents felt, was hazardous in the vicinity of English Martyrs School. He stated that a number of residents relied on this bus service and they hoped to return the service back to its original route and therefore supported the proposed waiting restrictions.


Mr A Giles, also referred to the Holly Bank proposals but expressed his objections as he felt that the proposed restrictions would only serve to displace vehicle parking to adjacent streets including Clive Grove. He stated that the restrictions would cause more problems and he felt that this would disadvantage more residents than at the present time.


Mr Malarkey, also spoke in objection of the Holly Bank proposals as a resident of Hob Moor Drive. He referred to traffic vibration, which had caused damage to his property, and he did not support any change to the bus route. He also questioned the requirement for 24 hour waiting restrictions.


Councillor Alexander, spoke to confirm that the three Holgate Local Members, all objected to the Holly Bank proposals. He stated that their objections related to safety, as parking would be displaced onto Clive Grove, as a clear traffic route would increase traffic speed, the proposals would create increased parking in side roads and on grass verges and this would require residents’ parking in the future . He confirmed that they were in support of the reintroduction of the bus and for the introduction of double yellow lines at road junctions. Following consultation undertaken by the Council the Local Members had sent out 721 letters to residents in the area explaining the proposals and requesting their views. Of the 150 responses received the results had shown that, in those streets most greatly affected, the majority of residents opposed the proposed restrictions and the reintroduction of the bus. However the results from the surrounding area, including the most affected streets, the majority of these residents were also opposed to the restrictions but supported the reintroduction of the bus. In view of this he requested the Panel to agree a compromise solution to include the reintroduction of the bus and overcome residents objections.


Steve Burrell, of North Yorkshire Police, spoke on the proposals for the Fishergate Ward and the 20mph speed limit pilot. He confirmed that the Police were a statutory consultee in relation to such matters and that although they had been consulted on these proposals this did not extend to the details of the scheme. He questioned what benefits would be gained as he felt that the proposals would not alter driver speeds or their behaviour. He stated that  such schemes should support a modal shift in casualty reduction and should be self-enforcing.


Barbara Robinson spoke as the Secretary of the Broadway Area Good Neighbour and Residents Association (BAGNARA) in support of the petition, requesting radical improvements in the parking arrangements at the Broadway shops in Fulford. She circulated copies of photographs, which showed delivery vehicles and parking in the vicinity of the shops on Saturday morning 6 December, to show the extent of the problems, which affected residents. She referred to the Officers report and proposed options and requested members to support Option C to undertake a scheme of works to address the issues. She confirmed BAGNARA’s support for this option in conjunction with the shop owners to match fund the works.


Councillor D’Agorne, who had stepped down from the meeting for consideration of Agenda item 8 (Pedestrian Access and Parking, Broadway Shops, Fulford) spoke as Local Member. He stated that the authority had a duty to protect the safety of its residents and that a reconfiguration of the layout should be possible if discussions were held between Officers, local residents and the shop owners. He circulated photographs of the area, a memo from the Co-operative Society together with a plan of showing how the forecourt could be improved with the relocation of the bus stop and post box to incorporate 8 parking spaces. He confirmed that he hoped that a compromise situation could now be agreed following the Co-ops willingness to participate in future discussions.


Alex Thompson spoke as a resident of Fulford Road in relation to the A19 Fulford Road Corridor Update. He raised objections on safety grounds to the proposals, in particular to ‘no waiting at any time restrictions’ on Main Street. Objections were also raised to the proposals for a pedestrian refuge island in close vicinity to Elliot Court and the bus stop, which he felt would be dangerous for local residents, and the position could cause problems for bus drivers.


Graham Cheyne, also spoke as a resident of Selby Road in relation to the proposals for the A19 Fulford Road Corridor. He stated that no details were available for the proposed bus lane, which indicated how traffic would merge on Selby Road, which he felt, was an important safety issue for local residents.  He also referred to the lack of consultation prior to the bus lane information being made available.


Councillor Aspden also spoke as Local Member and on behalf of Fulford Parish Council in relation to the A19 Fulford Road Corridor issues. He confirmed that residents supported the provision of an additional pedestrian refuge for vulnerable residents but without the associated waiting restrictions and for consultation to be undertaken with residents on proposals for the bus lane on Selby Road.  


Jim Shanks, the Police Architectural Liaison Officer, spoke of the concerns of North Yorkshire Police in relation to the proposed cycle route link from the northern end of the York Hospital site to the existing Foss Islands Cycle Route (Agenda item 12 refers). He referred to crime and disorder problems, which already existed in the vicinity of both York and Bootham Hospitals, which the Police felt, would increase if this route for the path was agreed and he drew the Panels attention to the crime statistics attached to the report. He confirmed that closure of the gates overnight would assist the problem but that this would not help reduce crime during the daytime peak periods.


Tom Scott, a resident of Beckfield Lane, spoke in respect of his concerns over the improvements proposed on Beckfield Lane, for pedestrians and cyclists. His concerns related flooding problems residents had encountered in recent years from water run off from Beckfield Lane onto adjacent properties. He requested assurances that the kerbs would be lifted to prevent future problems as residents felt that there would be less area for drainage following the use of the verge for the cycle path. He also felt the proposed zebra crossing should be sited nearer the shops.


Paul Frost, also as a resident of Beckfield Lane confirmed his concerns in relation to the Beckfield Lane scheme. He felt that this scheme was a unique opportunity to address a number of issues but felt that there should be a re-examination undertaken in respect of the positioning of the zebra crossing so that it benefited more residents.


Councillor Simpson-Laing, spoke as Local Member, in relation to the Beckfield Lane scheme and referred to the concerns raised by residents as set out in her letter circulated at the meeting. In particular she spoke of flooding problems with properties between Ouseburn Avenue and Almsford Road, the siting of the zebra crossing and the concerns of older residents at the speed of cyclists on the cycle path.


A representative of the York Access Group confirmed the Groups support for the proposed Beckfield Lane improvements. She expressed support for the proposed zebra crossing with the reservation that this was provided with traffic control lights and audible warning signals.  


Councillor Simpson-Laing, also spoke as Local Member, regarding the petition submitted by local residents requesting a restriction on through traffic on Newlands Drive, following the signalisation of the Boroughbridge Road/Beckfield Lane junction. She confirmed that delivery vans and taxis frequently cut through Newlands Drive to avoid queuing traffic. Damage was also caused to the grass verges and she requested that the “before and after” survey should monitor both traffic levels and speeds.


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