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Agenda item

7.00pm Main Meeting

  • York Fire Review Service

Alan Bell, Fire Station Manager, will tell you about the York Fire Service Provision Review


  • Police

An update from your Neighbourhood Policing Team on ward issues and your chance to ask any questions


  • Ward Schemes 2009-10

Have your say on the ward schemes for your area.  Also an opportunity for groups who have made a grant request to speak about their group


  • Have Your Say

Your opportunity for you to discuss local issues and concerns


Extra Agenda Items added – York Fire Service Review & Harewood Whin



  1. Welcome and introductions by Cllr David Horton



2.   Cecil Pugh, Group Manager North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

Cecil gave a brief update on the review of all the fire stations in York and in particular the main issues.

·        The Fire Service are seeking the views of residents & businesses.

·        Proposals are to be made regarding the relocation of fire stations within the city and the residents of York will be asked for their opinions about these proposals.

·        There will be consultation papers all over the city in the next few weeks.



  1. Police

The Police gave a brief ward update;

  • The Ward policing team have been very understaffed in the last few months
  • Large increase in House burglaries in the Holgate area
  • 3 local individuals have been charged with the raid at the bookmakers
  • In the next 6 months the policing team are hoping to secure a permanent base within Carr School.


Issues and questions raised;

·        The PCSO’s should be going down Beckfield Lane at different times and not just at 2pm when the kids are not around.

·        It is not just kids riding on pavements, a lot of adults do it too.



4.      Harewood Whin

The Environment Agency issued the following statement which was read out by Cllr David Horton;


The Environment Agency has received assurances from Yorwaste that they are on target to have an improved gas management system in place at Harewood Whin waste processing site by the end of the month – to reduce odorous emissions.


Environment Agency regulatory officer, Kevin Nicholson, said: "Yorwaste were served with an enforcement notice on July 7 regarding breaches to the Environmental Permit at Harewood Whin waste processing site.


"By August 4, Yorwaste had completed two out of three improvements; dealing with ponding water and providing better cover to the waste. They had also made satisfactory progress in developing agreed improvements to the gas management plan, including steps to install gas extraction equipment.


"Over the past two months there have been operational delays. Yorwaste have said they should finish drilling the wells for the gas extraction equipment in the next seven days, and the gas management system should be connected within 3 weeks.


"This will allow gaseous emissions to be drawn out of the waste and flared, and we are confident this will greatly reduce the potential for odours."


The following questions were raised by residents and put to Helen Howlett from the Environmental Protection Unit;

·        Are you sure that Harewood Whin is where the smell is coming from?

o       Yes, the regulatory officer has confirmed this.

·        Is the Seage plant at Rawcliffe regulated?

o       Yes it is regulated by the Environment Agency & CYC.




5.           Safe Routes For School (Manor School)

Mike Durkin (Project manager. Transport & Safety, CYC) showed residents the outline proposals for the cycle track on Beckfield Lane and also a proposal for a zebra crossing. 

The cycle path will be 2 metres wide next to the footpath that will be 1.8 metres.

If approved then hopefully the measures will go in in the new year.


Residents raised concerns regarding access to drives on Beckfield Lane.


A fully detailed consultation paper will be delivered to all residents this coming weekend.  All residents are encouraged to fill in the comments and return.



6.           Ward Schemes 2009/2010

People were given the opportunity to speak about the ward schemes for 2009/2010, and also to raise any questions or queries about the schemes on the ballot list.

The following schemes were represented at the meeting;

Carr Vikings Football Club

Viking Park Improvements

Active York


Street Sport




7.       Have Your Say


  • What will happen to Manor School when it is vacated at Easter?
    • The green land belongs to CYC but the land where the buildings are belongs to the Governors, but this will be transferred to CYC.  The Ward Councillors have raised this question to CYC and are awaiting an answer.
  • Is it all going to be fenced off?
    • We are unsure but are sure it will be well secure.
  • There is no open space in the ward so we should be able to have some for community use.  And we don’t want to see the school being vandalised and left to ruin.


  • There is a deterioration of bus services in the ward.  The No 1 service is not as regular and we do not get the double deckers as regular.  It seems that First have spent a lot on Park & Ride but not on the local services.
    • There are Double Deckers on a No 10 on certain times of the day and majority of times they are on a No 5 route. 
  • It takes ages to get in to town from Beckfield Lane.
  • Can we get the first bus ticket to use on all buses?
    • Cllr Simpson-Laing put this forward last year.  A report concluded that it would cost too much.  However the ward Cllrs will continue to pursue this.




Suggestions for the agenda for the next meeting is;


  • FirstYork representative


  • Manor School Update (present site)




Next Meeting is Thursday 5th February 2009


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