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Economy & Place Policy & Scrutiny Committee

This page lists the meetings for Economy & Place Policy & Scrutiny Committee.


Information about Economy & Place Policy & Scrutiny Committee

This committee is responsible for examining long term policy development, strategic objectives and horizon scanning for best and emerging practice across the Economy & Place Directorate and for examining performance, operational outcomes and customer expectations and major project progress across the following Economy& Place service areas:


           ·                   Highways

           ·                   Transport & Parking

           ·                   Planning & Development

           ·                   Regeneration & Asset / Property Management

           ·                   Economic Growth

           ·                   Emergency Planning

           ·                   Flood Risk

           ·                   Public Realm

           ·                   Waste

           ·                   Fleet

           ·             Public Protection (Trading Standards, Environmental   Health, Food Safety Licensing)

           ·                   Client Management: Make it York

      ·               Client Management: YorWaste


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