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Health, Housing & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee

This page lists the meetings for Health, Housing & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee.

Information about Health, Housing & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee

This Committee is responsible for monitoring the performance of the following service areas through regular performance monitoring reports:


·       Developing & maintaining close working with Health & Well-Being Board (HWB) in order to deliver complimentary agendas and avoid duplication; hold HWB board to account on HWB Strategy


·       Public Health


·       Maintain oversight of Health services as appropriate to scrutiny, including monitoring of the Integrated Care Strategy


·       Consider any substantial changes to Health service provision within the local authority area


·       Services for carers


·       Adult safeguarding


·       Adult social care provision


·       Adult social care community teams


·       Commissioning, quality improvement and partnerships


·       Early intervention and prevention


·       Housing revenue account


·       Housing general, building services, repairs and maintenance


·       Commissioning and contracts


·       Older People’s Accommodation Programme


·       Landlord services


·       Homelessness and housing options, standards and adaptations


·       Housing development


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