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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Copmanthorpe Methodist Church

Contact: Jack Woodhams 

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Cllr Carr Update



Cllr Carr talked about City of York Council’s current financial situation.

It costs £120 million to run CYC services each year. Currently 1/3 of this budget is spent on adult social care. As the population average age range in rises the cost of adult social care will increase. Over the next 2 years the adult social care cost will be over half of the budget at £60million. 


Central Government want all local authorities to become self sufficient over the next 2/3 years. This extra money needed will be from revenue in council tax and car parking.


CYC have devolved some spending to local communities including Copmanthorpe Ward.


Cllr Carr outlined the new budget for 2016/17. The under spend from last years budget has transferred into this year’s budget.


2016/17 Ward Budget: £20,000 Ringfenced highway budget: £10,000


The following year’s will be Ward Budget: £10,000 Ringfenced highway budget: £5,000


Community groups are welcome to submit applications for grants under the General Ward Budget.


The latest index of multi deprivation ‘property and wellbeing’ put Copmanthorpe ward at the top 10% of the country. 




Police Report



PCSO – Sue Court, in attendance on behalf of PCSO Nigel Colley (on annual leave)


Crime figures for the area:


February 2016


·        Top lane - 3 cannabis warnings

·        Barons Crescent - 10 car damages over the same night unfortunately, various house to house, press release. Investigation came to an end.


1 March - Mobile phone was stolen at Askham Bryan College


Over the last few months there has been an increase in ‘bogus doorstep callers’ in York. These are usually men disguised as roofers. They prey on the elderly and pretend to asses the victim’s roof. They then drive them to a cash machine and ask them to take money out of the cash point for the repair work. PCSO Court left some bogus caller prevention leaflets.


A resident gave feedback that she was unhappy not to receive any follow-up from the Police after handing in a handbag.


A resident asked if there was an update on the house burglary 12 months ago. PCSO Court explained that there was an arrest following on from Operation Hawk (Joint Police project with neighbouring forces to tackle cross boarder crime) unfortunately there was no prosecution by Crown Prosecution Service.





Anti Social Behaviour Report


Jackie Armitage – CYC Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer


      Nine Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers across the city of York council area within the Community Safety Team

      Divided into three areas

     City and East




ASB Officers (Tenancy enforcement), North Yorkshire Police dedicated ASB Police Constables (x6), Mediation services, dedicated Mental Health Support workers & Family Focus


How the Community Safety Team works to tackle Anti Social Behaviour

      Coordinate response with PCSOs

      Weekly Meetings to discuss cases

     Individual cases and operations

     Joined up solutions


     NEOs specialism

     Environmental ASB

      Including Domestic noise nuisance (Out of Hours Service)



      Reactive Work

     Fly tipping

     Domestic Rubbish problems

     Domestic Noise

     Community Protection and Public Space Protection Orders

     Other statutory nuisance


     Dog fouling

     Dog on dog attacks

     Pests on private land


     Unauthorised encampments/rough sleepers


      Proactive Work

     Patrols with PCSOs

     Monitoring for ASB


Additional CSAS powers to tackle ASB e.g. street drinking

     Joint Operations with NYP

      E.g.  Op Erase

     City wide campaigns

      Stop & search

      Fly posting




How To Contact:

Litter, dog fouling, fly tipping


Missed bins/rubbish out early


      Phone    - 551551 

      Email      neo@york.gov.uk


The biggest complaint continues to be Dog Fouling in Copanthorpe. There is a 2 day response to dog fouling; more intelligence is needed from the local community. Jackie welcomed more intelligence from the local community.




Highways Update


The highways team are finalising the highway programme for next year.

The team assesses the condition of roads with a grading 1-5


1 being good, 5 being poor

4 and 5 roads are considered for work.


The 4 and 5 graded roads are put on a database to be prioritised and considered.


Considerations are:


·        The usage of the road and how busy it is

·        Commercial services

·        School Frontages


Once the schemes are decided this will determine the 2016/17 programme. Below are the responding criteria timeframes:


1 First person to pass by would be likely to have an accident  


   Defect is made safe before the Inspector leaves site. Temporary repair within 1 working day. Permanent repair within 20 working days


2 There is an immediate risk to the public or risk of short-term structural deterioration.


Defect is made safe or repaired within 1 working day. Permanent repair within 20 working days


3 No immediate risk to the public.  


Permanent repair within 20 working days.



This meeting will be followed by Copmanthorpe Parish Council Annual General Meeting


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