Agenda and minutes

Venue: St Giles' Church

Contact: Kay Bailey  Neighbourhood Manager

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Informal Drop In between 6.30-7pm


Residents had the opportunity to speak informally with Councillor Carr whilst PCSO Thompson was on-hand to provide advice on home security. A ward profile and other literature was provided for information and residents were able to complete a local priority survey. Information was available to pick up on ward grants, Dial & Ride and Council Tax consultation.



Police Update


3.1) Policing


PCSO Thompson provided an overview of crime, crime prevention and policing in the Ward. It was noted that although crime figures for Copmanthorpe were up in some categories, overall the figures were looking good.


Criminal Damage – PC Thompson reported that the police now had the names of four youths in connection with the criminal damage caused between Low Green and Malbys Grove.


Burglaries - There has been an increase in burglaries, particularly in the areas of Manor Heath, College Road and Pike Hills Mount.  PC Thompson stressed the need to always report anything  suspicious.  The information is passed on and checked out, although the public may not always be aware.  With regard to policing in the Ward, it was reported that two officers and a sergeant were allocated to the York West area, which included Copmanthorpe.


Autocrime The police now have two offenders for these offences.


Anti-Social Behaviour (‘ASB’) - PC Thompson reported that figures were down overall and that drug related offences in particular were down by 25% from last year.  In response to a query, PC Thompson explained that whilst she did not have the exact figures, she was able to contextualise the percentage decrease.


3.2)  Community Safety


Paul Morrison, the Community Safety Manager, outlined possible solutions and deterrents in relation to anti-social behaviour, particularly in the Low Green area. 


Street lighting - One possible solution would be to install extra street lighting.  Although there was no Council budget for this, it could be considered by the Ward budget, should it be deemed appropriate and feasible. In response to a query, Mr Morrison explained that any new lighting options would take account of blackspots and would also look at the optimum placing of lights.


Action:  Mr Morrison to provide the ward with street lighting options with costs.


CCTV - An alternative solution could be to install CCTV.  The costs for this would be dependent on a number of factors, although it was likely to be in the region of £4k - £5k. 


One resident, who had been involved with the CCTV system at the Recreation Centre, pointed out that whilst this was a good idea, what could actually be achieved by CCTV would be dependent on variables such as the quality of the equipment and the use of infra-red, etc.  Careful consideration would need to be given to what the Ward was getting for its money, whether CCTV met its needs and how the annual maintenance would be funded.


In response to a query, Cllr Carr commented that whilst there was a danger that taking such measures may cause ASB to move elsewhere, Low Green is a particular hotspot due to it being both accessible and simultaneously secluded.  Kay Bailey suggested speaking to experts from the Youth and Community Team at the Council for their input regarding diversionary activities.


Residents further pointed out that scooter riding through the snicket at the end of Low Green was also becoming a problem and queried whether  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


The New Ward Committees - what are they?


New Arrangements - Cllr Carr outlined the new arrangements around neighbourhood working, including the Ward committee and Ward budgets, setting them into context against the national need for cost savings.

The new Ward arrangements have been designed to empower local residents and to support Ward members in identifying, developing and delivering on local issues.  There is also some budgetary devolvement to Wards for allocation to local priorities.

Ward Budget - The Ward budget for 2015/16 is as follows:

Pride in York Fund (One-Off)         £2,704

Pride in York Fund                          £4,175    

General Ward Budget                    £3,131

Community Care Fund                            £1,565

Highways Programme                    £5,218 (ringfenced)



General Ward Budget - Community groups are welcome to submit applications for grants under the General Ward Budget.

Ward Highways Budget - It was noted that Ward Highways Budget was in addition to the highways capital programme already provided by the Council. 

Cllr Carr requested that residents please complete the local priority questionnaires and that they should feel free to contact him with any further suggestions for Ward priorities.



Grounds Maintenance Schemes


Grounds Maintenance – Iain Dunn informed residents that wards have been asked to identify priorities for future grounds maintenance expenditure, explaining that Copmanthorpe will need to make savings of about £3k over the next few years.

Mr Dunn explained that wards need to think carefully about what they are willing to forgo, what can be done voluntarily within the ward and how best to spend ward budgets to future-proof their maintenance.

There followed a discussion during which the following points were raised:

·        the possibility of using alternative grounds maintenance professionals other than the Council;

·        the potential to have a voluntary group (similar to that based in Dunnington);

·        ‘Sprouts’ may want to become involved;

·        the upkeep of some planted areas and whether they are better returned to grass; and

·        the purchase of machinery to maintain Ward green areas.

Cllr Carr suggested that ideas could be noted on the local priority questionnaires, or emailed through to him.



Dial & Ride Service


Ruth Potter (York Wheels) explained that Dial & Ride now operates in Copmanthorpe, providing a door-to-door service to various locations around the City for people who cannot access public transport.  A volunteer car service is also available.  Residents are encouraged to book their places for both services in advance.

Information leaflets and timetables are available in Copmanthorpe Library.



Have Your Say


There followed a general question and answer session during which the following issues were discussed:

·        Resurfacing of the road on Church Street and Low Green

Action: Cllr Carr agreed to investigate and respond to the resident directly.

Kay Bailey commented that the Ward now had its own Highways Budget to spend at its discretion.

·        The corner between Moor Lane and Station Road: residents felt this junction was dangerous for a number of reasons.  Cllr Carr reported that new yellow lines along Station Road have approved and will be funded out of the capital highways budget and are to be painted at the Station Road/Moor Lane/ Main Street junction as a safety measure.


Date of the Next Meeting and Close

Cllr Carr thanked residents for attending and participating in the meeting.  He reiterated that residents should feel free to contact him via email:

The date of the next meeting, which is due to be held in January 2016, will be publicised in the Village Newsletter, within the Ward and sent directly to those residents who have provided their contact details.



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