Agenda and minutes

Venue: Skelton Village Hall

Contact: Toby Knight 

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Drop-in surgery 7.00pm

The drop-in surgery gives you the opportunity to talk to your councillors, street environment officer, safer neighbourhood team, neighbourhood management officer and visiting speakers in an informal setting.


1.1       During the drop-in surgery residents had the chance to talk with: ward councillors, the Safer Neighbourhood Team, the neighbourhood management officer, the street environment officer, York Young People’s Services, visiting speakers and representatives from groups and organisations that had local improvement schemes featured on the 2012-13 ballot.


1.2       The formal meeting commenced at 7.30pm. Cllr McIlveen welcomed everybody, ratified and signed the previous meeting’s minutes and passed on apologies from Cllr Cunningham-Cross who was absent having recently had a baby.


Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

Your local police team will give an update on issues in your ward and answer any questions you have.


2.1       Inspector Jo Brooksbank and PCSO Danny Stannard gave an update on police work in the ward.

2.2       The team covering the ward is part of the York Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team based at Clifton Moor.

2.3       PCSO Justin Piercy will be spending more time covering Haxby. PCSO Danny Stannard will start covering this ward more.

2.4       The team have helped to establish a new Neighbourhood Watch in Skelton and have been running surgeries in local schools to help build relationships with the children there.

2.5       Operation Image will be starting soon. This is a city-wide initiative to tackle cyclists riding without lights and proper hi-vis equipment.


Local Development Framework Core Strategy

Find out about City of York Council’s consultation on proposals for its 20-year plan for the city.


3.1       Rebecca Harrison, development officer and Martin Grainger, head of integrated strategy, spoke on the Local Development Framework Core Strategy with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation. The strategy is out for consultation until November 7.


Residents had the following questions and comments:


3.2       Will there be funds available to help with public transport?

            A – Developers will make contributions to the local infrastructure. This money can be pooled to deal with larger projects. However, buses are not really covered in the sustainability remit.

3.3       The city centre streets are crammed with people. What will the LDF do to address this?

            A – There is a mini-plan for the city centre which looks at ways of dealing with this, including expanded pedestrianised areas.

3.4       Isn’t it better to let cities grow and expand organically as they have done in the past?

            A – Where there’s no plan then there’s no control over what happens. Many bad developments have come about in the past due to a lack of planning.

3.5       The plan should ensure that the city is inclusive for all residents, not just those in the city centre.

            A – Agreed.

3.6       Are there any developments currently ongoing as part of this plan?

            A – Yes. Examples are the Terry’s site, Derwenthorpe, Hungate and others. The rate of development will pick up as the economy recovers.

3.7       What is in mind for traveller and gypsy sites?

A – Suggestions for locations will be put forward in January/February next year.

3.8       Does the LDF take into account village design statements?

A – Yes. They are recognised and encouraged. The LDF will give weight to them.


Bus Services

Officers from the council’s Transport Planning department and from Transdev will be present to consult and hear your views on the new 19A/C bus services.


4.1       Andrew Bradley from CYC Transport Planning and Keith Sykes from Transdev provided an update on the 19A/C bus service.

4.2       Both the council and Transdev recognise that there were problems when the new service was introduced and apologise for the trouble this has caused.

4.3       The route has now been revised to the 19L (Leeman Road) and 19B (Burton Stone Lane) service. The route has changed, especially in the city centre, and this has resulted in a 90% reliability rate.

4.4       Additional funding has come from CYC to help improve the service. This is on a trial basis.

4.5       On November 3 a report will be submitted to the cabinet member to ask to keep the service as it is until the end of the financial year and not cut its funding.

4.6       The improvements that have been made come as a result of listening to the public and both Transdev and CYC are keen to receive more feedback.

4.7       Transport Planning are also requesting that the cabinet member allow consultation to take place on the future of the bus route. Any final proposal to arise from this will be presented to the public before being recommended.


Residents had the following questions and comments:


4.8       Skelton has been badly affected by the new service, but there were no paper surveys conducted in the village. Suggestion is that the main route required by Skelton residents is to Clifton Moor, via Rawcliffe. This could also be an extended route for the number 6 bus.

            A – Noted.

4.9       Some of the new timetables have a misprint.

            A – This has been noted and these timetables will be withdrawn.

4.10    Why was the new timetable drawn up by CYC and not Transdev?

            A – Because Transdev didn’t have the contract at the time.

4.11    Surely the delays that have been happening should have been foreseen?

            A – The new service tried to cover everybody and achieve the same amount with less funding. This was a mistake. Apologies from CYC and Transdev.

4.12    Why are there 5 buses heading to Skelton and only 4 heading back to York? Surely this fifth bus could take passengers?

            A – Not sure why that is. Will look into it.

4.13    Please make sure this new service is publicised in as many media outlets as possible.

            A – Agreed. The service is not viable unless numbers pick up. Please tell people or the route will become unsustainable. There is no capacity to expand the service while usage remains so low.


Local Improvement Schemes

The suggested schemes for 2012-13 will be discussed. If you made one of the suggestions on the ballot list, come along to tell people more about it.


5.1       It was asked that the council find a better way of distributing the Your Ward. Many people claim not to have received the most recent issue, partly because few realise that it is tucked inside Your Voice and are discarding it without realising.

5.2       Cllrs invited comments from residents and group representatives on the local improvement schemes listed on the 2012-13 ballot:


19        The requirement has been imposed on the parish council by changes to the planning process. However, there is discussion of the council buying the equipment in bulk or renting it out, so this application will be withdrawn should a reasonable solution come about.

18        More than a street party, this is a gala in a public space. There will be bands, a hogroast and royalty has been invited to attend. This is a contribution towards the £3,000 budget. All are welcome: not just Skelton residents.

11        CYC is now providing limited youth club services across the city and is trying to link in with voluntary and faith groups more. Therefore, the usual request of £13,000 has been reduced to £5,860.

7          Clifton Partnership is made up of many schools, the police, parents, the fire service and council officers. The proposal will bring parents and children together.

9          Street Sport provide a climbing tower, skate park and multi-sports. There has been a 150% increase in attendance over previous years.

12        The Kool Kids Club now hosts 35-55 children after school, 25 at the breakfast club and 35+ in the summer holidays.

8          An objection was raised to the type of play equipment proposed by Rawcliffe Parish Council. Some types of net have caused serious injury and death when children have been left unsupervised.

14        These are the only allotments in the ward. CYC allotments have skips provided, so it is fair that these should also have them. These are general rubbish skips and having prevents a lot of fires.

26        The fund is for needs arising throughout the year. It could potentially be used for buses should a suitable way of spending it be found.

15        It was hoped that volunteers would be able to address this problem, but the land is property of Highways and therefore can only be improved through them.



Have your say

Your chance to ask questions about local issues and concerns not covered by the agenda.


6.1       It was decided that a map of salt bin locations be provided in poster format to parish councils and placed on notice boards. This will be produced by the Neighbourhood Management Unit.

6.2       It was suggested that the council save money by printing in black and white, not in colour.

6.3       How is the Local Sustainable Transport Fund being spent (£4.6m)? Who is overlooking it?

            A – The cabinet member controls it, but there is a steering group that is kept informed.

6.4       It was suggested that the cycle path be moved further in towards the pavement to make it safer.

6.5       Has the Cycling City money now gone?

            A – Yes.

6.6       Please could spare copies of Your Wards be placed in local shops in future.


6.7       Cllr McIlveen closed the meeting.


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