Agenda and minutes

Venue: Skelton Village Hall

Contact: Michael Hawtin 

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This is your chance to meet and talk to your councillor, street environment officer and neighbouhrood management officer. During this surgery you will have the opportunity to ask about local issues and concerns.


City of York Council

Committee Minutes




Skelton, Rawcliffe & Clifton Without Ward Committee


Skelton Village Hall


21ST jULY 2010


Councillors R. Moore, J. Watt and I. Waudby

In attendance

15 residents

Michelle Watling, Street Environment Officer

James Clay, Environmental Protection Unit

Sharron Hutchinson, Young Peoples Services

Claire Hogan, Young Peoples Services

Liz Burkinshaw, Rawcliffe Boulder

Dave Ward, Neighbourhood Management Unit

Michael Hawtin, Neighbourhood Management Unit




1.                       Drop-in surgery


At the drop in session, residents had the chance to speak to the Street Environment Service, the Environmental Protection Unit, Rawcliffe Boulders, Ward Councillors,  the Neighbourhood Management Unit and Young Peoples Services.


A couple of residents spoke to the relevant parties about the street lighting on Fairway and another resident had queries for the Safer Neighbourhood Team passed to Michael Hawtin.


7 residents took part in the Your Ward, Your City, Your Say consultation with David Ward and Michael Hawtin.


Your Ward, Your City, Your Say

The neighbourhood management team will be at the surgery to get your ideas and suggestions about your ward, our service and our partners’ services.


7 residents took part in the Your Ward, Your City, Your Say consultation using both the sticky dot and hard paper copy format. Some residents raised queries about not being able to speak for the one city consultation due to not having broad enough perspectives of York in general.


Welcome and minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting will be agreed.


Introduction to the main meeting at approximately 7.35pm

Chaired by I. Waudby


There was a hearing loop at the event.


Reminded residents to sign in on the attendance sheet and made clear the fire exits and facilities available.


Last meetings minutes were agreed.


Young people's services


Sharron Hutchinson and Claire Hogan


Claire explained that she is the person who runs sessions in the Skelton, Rawcliffe and Clifton Without Ward. They are run in the village hall on Thursdays 5pm-7pm.


Recent realisation of numbers falling so sessions in the village hall have been stopped for the summer and the Urbie Bus is now being used. A marked improvement in attendance has been noticed.


Year 6 pupils from school have been invited to some sessions and as a result there are 7 more attendees involved. 6 more pupils have made contact, but they are too young at present to get on the bus. The cut off is ideally 11 upwards due to the nature of the issues covered on the bus.


Some residents raised queries about the 10 year olds in attendance from year 6. Claire clarified that the cut off used to be 13 and upwards but the boundary is moving down slowly and is now at 11. Did have 8-9 year olds at a sports day but although they made contact, they couldn’t attend the bus.


Urbie bus has drugs awareness sessions, healthy choice sessions, body image sessions, media image discussions, sexual health sessions. Generally informal education sessions.


The Urbie Bus has 11-12 attendees every week in the area

Would have liked to be able to organise a Friday session at the village hall, but eventually were too late to organise so will resume to Thursdays.


JW asked the team to keep focused on encouraging greater attendance at the sessions.


Claire pointed out that there are positives to low attendance as some of the less confident attendees have a chance to shine.


Sharron added that work with the Safer Neighbourhood Team had achieved great results and put an end to some of the attitudes against the police.

Dave Ellison PCSO planned to go to school to run a session.


A noticeable drop off with boys at the Rawcliffe sessions which the team are trying to address. Can’t seem to identify a reason why people are not attending, maybe just because of being more active in summer months with friends.


For September, advertising session at Easingwold School and having a drop in session at Cannon Lee.


Invite from Sally Mclean from Kool Kids Club for YPS to get involved in sessions.


Question for YPS?

Could the Urbie Bus attend the official playground opening to make contact with people?


Sharron and Claire said that they would sort this out so that they could attend.

Richard Moore was keen to ensure that as well as these additional sessions, the core sessions would not be reduced. YPS assured councillors that these core sessions would not be affected.




Safer neighbourhood police team

The safer neighbourhood police team will give an update on their activities.


A safer Neighbourhood Team leaflet specific to the ward was available to residents on request. The SNT were unable to attend due to the change of date of the Ward Committee meeting.


The Police are now moving back in to the Ikon and Diva site and so they are able to get onto the beat much quicker and have breaks there etc. However this will not be a public centre, just an out post.


At least the Police will always be in the ward.


Your Ward, Your City, Your Say

The neighbourhood management team will explain about the consultation we are doing and how to get involved.


Once again, just a reminder that were were carrying out the NAP and Once City consultation at the meeting at the back of the room.


Also a reminder that the scheme suggestions deadline ins the 20th August and that all suggestions needed name, address and contact details.


Have Your Say

Your opportunity to ask questions about local issues and concerns.


Thank you from Kool Kids Club to the Ward committee for the £500 for new play equipment. The kids are loving it.


Michael Hawtin suggested having pictures in the next newsletter.


Chair of Rawcliffe Rec suggested that Kool Kids Club use the Rawcliffe Rec tennis courts. A great result from the coming together of groups at the ward committee meeting.


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